In honour of our worldwide flagship opening at Bluebird, Chelsea, we’re delighted to unveil the unique – and painstakingly handcrafted – Westminster Button sofa in Ronin Indigo leather, available exclusively at Bluebird.




Embodying the heart and soul of the Timothy Oulton brand, this limited edition piece brings together timeless design in the shape of a hand-tufted Chesterfield, with one of Tim Oulton’s greatest passions – hand-finished leather, and elevates it to new heights with the use of 100% natural indigo dye. The complex dyeing process takes a staggering 30 days – that’s 720 man hours.


To achieve the distinctive blue finish, the hide is first tanned with bark and nut shells, with natural oils and waxes applied for a slightly aged look. The lengthy dyeing process then begins using indigo, a natural dye extracted from plant leaves that has been used for thousands of years. Once the leather has been upholstered onto the finished piece, it is hand-finished for a second time using wet sandpaper to achieve a stonewashed look, and finally polished with lamb’s wool.


A limited edition of 50 pieces, each sofa is emblazoned with a special plaque commemorating the Bluebird opening, and features 1550 hand-applied silver studs for a more contemporary take on the classic Chesterfield silhouette. A special piece, to mark a very special milestone, showcasing Timothy Oulton’s signature blend of traditional craftsmanship, authentic natural materials, and creative innovation.


Discover the Westminster Button sofa in Ronin Indigo leather exclusively at Timothy Oulton Bluebird, 350 King’s Road, Chelsea.