It was Galileo Galilei who said that “wine is sunlight held together by water”, so what better way to celebrate the summer than with an evening dedicated to wine at our Bluebird gallery.


For the first in a series of events celebrating the joys of collecting, we welcomed a small number of guests to the gallery to learn about building a wine collection with writer and Master of Wine, Richard Hemming. Richard shared his expertise in buying, sourcing and storing vintages, revealing the best reputable dealers to buy from, the pros and cons of buying from cellar door and the real meaning of ‘bottled en chateau’ and much, much more. Richard also shared his own top tips for for future investment, with some surprises along the way.


While enjoying the talk guests relaxed in the pure sink-in comfort of the Realm, Nest and Oasis sofas from our Noble Souls collection. Ultra fine down and natural vegetable-dyed linens create a disarming comfort that we call “whuush” – that moment of letting go and succumbing to your senses as you float on pillows of air. The perfect way to unwind after a hard day at  work with a glass of fine wine in hand.


During the evening our guests explored the different ‘worlds’ of the showroom from the relaxed Coastal Drift collection to the glamorous Age of Elegance setting, all the while soaking up the intimate yet relaxed atmosphere and enjoying a glass of Veuve Cliquot champagne or two wines specially chosen for the evening. The first was Lis Neris, a complex Pinot Grigio from Northern Italy, and the latter Poggerino, a Chianti Classico with a rich red berry heart. As always, this was paired with our spectacular cheeseboards.


The evening culminated in a prize draw in which one lucky guest won one of our speakeasy-inspired Hudson bar cabinets. During Prohibition in the US, the speakeasy became a place that was mentioned in hushed voices, an exotic taboo, a place to go for an illegal tipple and some harmless fun. The Hudson collection encourages that idea of letting your hair down, embracing that ever so slightly defiant streak that insists on having a good time; starting a little earlier, and going on a little later. Each piece is clad in a patchwork of rich and tactile Fury leather, affixed one by one using hand-applied studs for a subtle riveted effect. A classic piece for any amateur wine enthusiast looking to show off their burgeoning collection.