The slick and stylish city of Geneva is known for its cosmopolitan design-conscious community. So it was a chic, relaxed evening when we invited a well-heeled crowd to indulge in our Style and the City night, celebrating good taste, fine wine and great company.

Partnering with Dunia furniture, Timothy Oulton Geneva sits in the trendy glass-walled landmark of 42 Rue du Rhône right in the heart of the city’s luxury retail district. The three-storey gallery and Lounge have played host to an array of exciting events since opening last year, and this time it was the turn of good style on the night’s agenda, from traditional shoe shining to beauty treatments to Belgian beer and chocolate tasting from our discerning partners.

A crowd of around 100 dapper gents and ladies arrived to a warm welcome in the cosy gallery surrounds. Famous Swiss chocolatiers Rohr offered irresistible sweet morsels, accompanied by the refined floral and citrus notes of Leopold beer. Ladies were treated to the benefits of Dead Sea minerals from Mineralim cosmetics while gents enjoyed a traditional buff and polish from Mr. Seror’s expert shoe shining.

Guests took their glasses of champagne in hand to unwind on the Westminster sofas and Union Jack footstool under the mellow glow of the Gyro Crystal chandelier. In another corner ladies chatted, casually propped up against the rustic Bank and Pigeon Hole chest and shelves, handcrafted from reclaimed Chinese doors, while the Airfoil desk and Odeon lamps caught the eye of guests as they explored the gallery space.

Chatter turned to excitement with the lucky draw at the end of the evening, and two guests were thrilled to take home an Oxford toiletry case, striped in the vibrant colours of the English university’s crest. A quintessential British flavour, in a city known for its exquisite Swiss style.