Evoking a distinct sizzle with its combination of burnt timbers encased in smooth, ice-cold acrylic, the epic Glacier dining table features alongside our tantalizingly tactile acrylic and driftwood collection, including the new Floem side table. Pieces that you just want to reach out and touch…


Embracing the beauty of the natural living world, Timothy Oulton’s new Floem side table juxtaposes weathered driftwood with crisp, clear acrylic for a tantalisingly tactile experience. The varying contours and curves of the glass sparkle as they catch the light, evoking the romance of ice-covered branches on a wintery day. Floem is a new twist on Timothy Oulton’s distinctive Spur and Xylem acrylic blocks, swapping a rectilinear shape for a rounded, organic silhouette.

The creation of Floem is a somewhat delicate art. The interaction between the acrylic glass and the wood – a living material – is very sensitive, and the crafting process has to be meticulously carried out over a two-week period. First, the wood is arranged manually, piece by piece, in a bespoke mould. The acrylic glass is poured cold, stea­med, and then subjected to a gradual decrease in temperature over the course of a week. Once removed from the mould, the blocks are cut to expose the surface of the timber on the top face, creating a rich textural contrast between the wood and the acrylic. Each piece is finally sanded and polished by hand until perfect transparency is achieved.


Created using driftwood salvaged from beaches across the globe, Xylem features a cross-section from a single log whilst Spur features a collection of hand-arranged branches. Celebrating the timber’s natural character - knots, scars, fissures and all - every raw detail is frozen inside a block of crystal-clear acrylic, telling a different story depending on which aspect the piece is viewed from.

Floem, Spur, and Xylem are available in either natural driftwood or a striking Burntwood finish, made using driftwood that has been carefully charred by hand to achieve a rich black colour, further accentuating the deep grooves and rugged texture of the timber.   


Entertaining six guests, the epic Glacier dining table features four beams of timber encased in acrylic, set atop two large timbers also in acrylic. The smooth exterior dramatically contrasts with the charred remains of the rugged timber within. A spectacular bubbling unique to each piece evokes the moment when volcanic lava spills into the sea: sparks, steam, and fizz. 

Glacier is available as a dining table, coffee table and console. The perfect ice breaker for storytelling around the table, Glacier sets the scene for energetic conversation over long, lingering meals.


Discover the acrylic collection, including the new Floem side table, at your nearest Timothy Oulton gallery.