Plato philosophised “Whatever deceives men seems to produce a magical enchantment.”. The Inception mirror’s illusion of infinite lights has that captivating magical quality, exciting the eye and getting the heart racing.


A modern take on 1970s infinity mirrors, Inception has a dual personality. When it’s turned off, it becomes an elegant everyday mirror, but once turned on, it reveals an endless tunnel of lights as if a portal has been opened, leading you into another dimension.


Tim Oulton collaborated closely with designer Bastien Taillard on the design, who explains, “The idea was to have a dark mirror which could change to something totally different when you want to turn it on – it changes from a passive to an active object, and in doing so, the whole mood of the room completely transforms.”


“We also took inspiration from trompe-l’oeil art, which translates as ‘deceiving the eye’. It’s a traditional art technique that originated in the Baroque period and creates the optical illusion of being 3-dimensional, it was originally used to make rooms look bigger or to travel into exotic or eccentric themes. Inception uses the same idea, it becomes a multi-dimensional object, animating your walls and creating these incredible perspectives.”


In the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, the mirror frame is handcrafted in Timothy Oulton’s Flat Brass finish, specially created to look like real brass that has slightly tarnished over time, while antique-style bulbs create a soft and mellow lighting effect, perfect for entertaining.


Inception was launched in 2017 as part of Timothy Oulton’s Hosted Living concept – a collection of refined “conversation starter” pieces for people who love to host at home in an elegant setting. Designer Bastien Taillard says, “Inception is more than a mirror, more than a wall light, reinvented with new tangible technologies to create a sense of drama and artistry in interiors. The darker the room,  the deeper the reflections, and the more dramatic the effect is.”


The Inception mirror is available in 3 sizes, and also as a glass-topped coffee table with a brass pedestal base.