Candelabra, girandole or chandelier – whatever you call them – carefully situated crystal ceiling lights not only illuminate a room, but also create a captivating centrepiece that’s impossible to ignore. Whether you favour the glamour of a vintage chandelier or a cool and contemporary crystal pendant, the right lighting can make or break your décor, so it’s crucial to choose wisely. We take a closer look at six of our favourite Timothy Oulton chandelier lights, all guaranteed to delight, illuminate and inspire.


Vintage Romance: Crystal Chandelier

Taking its inspiration from the late Georgian era, the Crystal collection is a bold re-imagining of the classic vintage chandelier. Elaborate, elegant and even a little audacious in a contemporary home, this precision-cut piece delivers full-voltage glamour that is opulent, but never ostentatious.

Precision-cut, each of the chandelier’s crystals are then hand-polished polished, creating intricate refracted light displays that demand to be admired from all angles. Large crystal baluster centrepieces, candle lights and bobeche dishes – traditionally used to catch dripping wax – give the range its traditional feel, while a carefully aged antique rust frame gives a unique contemporary twist that makes Crystal right at home no matter what your decorative theme.


Contemporary Chic: Rock Crystal Rain Pendant

For a little less polished finish with a hint of urban edge, take a look at the Rock Crystal Rain collection of crystal ceiling lights. With an unpretentious charm that is nonetheless graceful, this range is ideal for those looking to hit that sweet spot that lies just between opulence and cool minimalist understatement.

Hand-hewn, multi-faceted rock crystals are polished very lightly to maintain their uniquely beautiful, organic shapes. Each crystal is then mounted into an independent socket, ensuring that each and every piece of the translucent stone is individually lit. The result is a dreamy, delicate statement pendant light that imbues everything it touches with its inimitably radiant glow.


Upcycled Glamour: Classic Volt Chandelier

Who says that chandelier lights have to be taken too seriously? Displaying a distinctive tongue-in-cheek charm, Classic Volt takes the shape of a vintage chandelier and then gets creative with the design, resulting in a playful, conceptual piece that puts some fun into function.

Classic Volt’s simple polished wire skeleton belies its smart design credentials – the frame also transfers power to the bulbs, removing the need for additional wiring that would otherwise detract from its clean-cut lines. Softly diffused lighting is created by shards of recycled optical glass, arranged in clusters with bulbs suspended above each one to create a subtly glimmering constellation.


Art Deco Elegance: Rex Pendant

Bring a touch of Roaring Twenties glamour to your home with the Rex Pendant, an Art Deco chandelier imbued with just the right amount of sophisticated swagger. Handcrafted from hundreds of prismatic optical glass baguettes set in a raw welded iron frame, this evocative piece catches the light in the most mesmerising of ways, setting off a shimmering dance of sparkling crystal refractions.

Named after England’s historic Rex cinema – an Art Deco gem famed for its beautiful auditorium and stunning chandeliers, which after a period of dereliction, was restored to its former glories in 2004 – this eye-catching centrepiece more than does justice to its namesake. Rex is a dazzling design that perfectly captures the flamboyance and flair of the Roaring Twenties… flapper dress optional.


Celestial Intervention: Orb Crystal Chandelier

Chandelier lights don’t come much more unique than the Orb Crystal, an intricate creation ideal for those looking to make a stellar style statement in their living space. It is a perfect blend of the classic chandelier with the eye-catching aesthetics of a contemporary orb shape.

Every element of Orb Crystal has been constructed with precision to create a complex design that sings with a seamless, organic fluidity. An antique rust frame of interconnected spheres orbits a central trio of glittering glass chandeliers, in a manner reminiscent of planetary rings circling one of the solar system’s astronomical wonders. It’s a cosmic collision that cleverly contrasts the raw metal of the frame’s aged finish with the soft romance of the chandelier’s crystal finery.


Minimalist Magic: Inception Pendant

Sleek, slick and deceptively simple, the Inception Pendant collection is a master of illusion that wears its wizardry exquisitely lightly. Inspired by infinity mirrors of the 1970s, the clean geometric lines of this flat brass pendant might look relatively unassuming by day, but come darkness, they light up to reveal a never-ending ocean of beguilingly warm, glowing lights.

This theatrical display of infinite reflections comes courtesy of just a few incandescent antique light bulbs set within Inception’s dark mirrored sides (the exact number depends on the size of pendant you opt for). Featuring a bewitching array of smoke and mirrors topped with a touch of magic, Inception delivers a generous dose of drama to any evening.


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