A house simply does not feel like a home until you’ve bought a nice comfy sofa to take pride of place in your living room. Be it putting your feet up with the fam to tackle a box set marathon, indulging in a cheeky afternoon nap curled up with your dog or lounging with the weekend papers and a brew in hand, a good designer sofa is likely to become one of the hardest working pieces of furniture you own.


Fabric sofas to suit all styles

Whilst we’ve previously given you the lowdown on some of our favourite leather couches, we’ve also got plenty of great fabric upholstery options too. Depending on whether you’re after a look that exudes easy contemporary breeziness or channels pure vintage glamour, here are four of our most-loved fabric sofa styles ready and waiting for your lounging pleasure.


Laidback linen

Casual but luxurious, smart but relaxed, durable but comfortable… linen is a winner in so many ways. A linen sofa is an ideal choice for interiors with a more laidback, modern vibe, with an easy-going mellow feel that’s truly made for living in rather than just admiring from afar.

Here at Timothy Oulton, we offer a few different types of linen in our range, meaning you can hone in on the exact texture and finish that will fit your style best – and needless to say, only the very best 100 percent linen fabrics make the cut for our collection.

Woven Linen is the heaviest linen in our range, with a 900 g/m thickness that ensures it’s built to last. Forget fragile, flimsy linens; its solid, thickly-woven texture means it feels not only impressively hefty, but gorgeously soft too – making it the ideal finish for our sensationally slouchy Shabby Sofa.

Shabby is essentially your new best friend for lazy days (and nights), with deep generously-proportioned seats and a laidback reclined back that practically invites you to put your feet up. Plump, plush cushioning makes this the ultimate in comfort, whilst layers of soft stitched ribs in its upholstery add a distinctive finishing touch. Shabby is available as both a standalone sofa or a sectional piece that you can custom-create, meaning it’ll be the perfect fit in any space. Opt for our Woven Linen Ash finish for a light, neutral look that will open up your living space beautifully.

Meanwhile, our Whispy Linen is a slightly more delicate affair – but without compromising on quality either. This fabric has been washed, rolled and tumbled to make it luxuriously soft to the touch, with a light, crisp look that’s ideal for contemporary interiors. It’s also been treated to give it extra protection against water, oil and stains.

One of our favourite finishes for this fabric is Whispy White, a pure clean white that’s a veritable breath of fresh air. It looks especially heavenly when paired with our Nirvana Sofa, whose classic loft-style lines make this a must for modern, minimalist interiors. Angled arms and a casual low back keep Nirvana just the right side of slouchy, whilst its pocket springs and multiple density, high quality foam and fibre layers mean its cushions are wonderfully comfortable but supportive too – a haven of calm worthy of any home.


Velvet goldmine

If you’re after a piece that oozes classic refinement, old-school opulence and tactile sensuality, a velvet sofa is just the ticket. Our Revival Velvet fabric is a stunning renaissance of this traditional material, boasting a lavish silky-soft touch and vividly rich range of colours that transport this ravishingly retro fabric firmly into the twenty-first century.

Velvet can always be relied on to bring a touch of drama to any space, and our Revival Velvet is no exception; made from 100 percent polyester and featuring a sophisticated soft pile with a subtle sheen, its nap continually catches the light in different ways, meaning this is one piece that’s certain to grab attention even in darker, moodier spaces.

Our Serpentine Sofa in Revival Velvet Navy is something of a perfect partnership, even if we do say so ourselves. There’s something about Serpentine’s sinuous curves that just looks so right in velvet, with voluptuous contours and classic hand-tufting details that lend it just the right amount of feminine glamour. Cosy and comfortable but still divinely decadent, this is a sofa that will soak up the spotlight in style.

For further proof that our version of velvet is anything but old-fashioned, you can also look to our Lux Sofa. Featuring a sleek, tailored shape characterised by clean, urbane lines, Lux is the epitome of a modern-day classic – especially when upholstered in our ever-chic and always luxurious Revival Velvet Grey finish. Its strong profile offers just the right amount of support, whilst its feather-filled back and abundance of scatter cushions make it a snug sanctuary you’ll look forward to nestling into at the end of a long day.