Timothy Oulton and Curio joined the luxury yachting scene at the recent 2015 Singapore Yacht Show, bringing the spirit of travel and adventure into the VIP champagne lounge with some Timothy Oulton favourites.

Every year, the Singapore Yacht Show gets bigger and better, with 16,000 people flocking to this year’s four-day extravaganza at Sentosa’s ONE°15 Marina Club. Self-proclaimed as the “ultimate luxury experience” and a must-do on Singapore’s social calendar, this exclusive event is as much about making connections as it is about the luxurious yachts on display.

As the gleaming vessels lined up on the marina, guests made their way into the champagne lounge, co-sponsored by Curio and PerrierJouët. Timothy Oulton’s Singapore gallery opened within Curio two years ago in the heart of Dempsey Hill, fostering a thriving partnership and a mutual passion for delivering a truly authentic experience.

Inside the champagne lounge, drinks were served from the Spitfire bar while guests sat casually on the new Joker barstools or lounged comfortably on Tufted Tribeca sofas and Mars Chairs.

Speed, travel and adventure were epitomised in the Blackhawk collection and Aviator Tomcat chairs, both clad in Spitfire finish in homage to the British Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane. Imagined tales of sea farers seemed suitably ingrained in the Axel cabinetry, handcrafted from the reclaimed boat wood of old fishing junks. Overhead, the energetic presence of Atom chandeliers illuminated the chatter as guests kicked back and made themselves at home.

At the end of the evening, business cards were excitedly dropped into a bowler hat for the lucky draw, eliciting laughter from the crowd in the light-hearted atmosphere. Winners took home the Mini Mars Chair, Flag cushions and the Blenheim Book – great to leave on the coffee table for house guests to scribble notes in.

In a world of premier yachts, exclusive entertaining and high-end glamour, it was the perfect time and place to intertwine luxury with heritage and history in Timothy Oulton’s authentic, distinctive collections.