With a passion for breathing old life into new materials, Timothy Oulton has transformed the iconic Saddle Chair with a daring new look, in our most extreme leather finish to date. The chair is crafted over an entire day by the most skilled of artisans, using richly textured hand finished leathers that feature scores, scratches, worn and burnished surfaces, all of which hint at a storied past. Introducing the new Buck’dN Brok’n Saddle Chair, exclusive to Timothy Oulton at Harrods.

Straddling the heritage of elegant sporting pursuits such as racing and polo with the rugged world of rodeo, the Buck’dN Brok’n Saddle Chair is characterised by its distinctive, aged appearance. Imbued with the sense of a life fully lived, stories of travel and adventure seem to be captured in every crack and scar in the leather. Craftsmen blend this cracked and damaged look with the leather’s natural softness to create a totally unique, luxurious experience.

Painstakingly built over many hours, the Saddle Chair is a testament to exquisite handcraftsmanship. A fiberglass frame creates the sleek dynamic shape, with the chair back playfully contoured like a real saddle. Quilted for comfort on the seat and back, the chair is fitted with actual stirrups on each side to evoke the red-blooded spirit of freedom that a saddle represents.

This unique piece was inspired by a pair of vintage cowboy chaps in Tim’s personal antique collection. Tim bought this classic piece of American ranch-wear from a country-dealer in Wyoming. Although happy to sell, the dealer had become quite attached to the chaps and was reluctant to let both legs go. Tim agreed to give one of the legs back to him so that he could make a pair of mini chaps for his young son. The remaining piece of beaten-up leather inspired the beginnings of Buck’dN Brok’n.

The beauty of good quality aniline leathers, as with any person of good character, is its ability to withstand trials of life, and despite some bumps and scratches, come out looking even more handsome or beautiful. A sense of strong silent resilience and endurance make it a material for the ages, a strong contrast today with so many things that at first look appealing, but that fail to retain their beauty with time.
A daring display of authentic handcraftsmanship, the Buck’dN Brok’n Saddle Chair masterfully and audaciously blends tradition with innovation and comfort in a homage to equestrian heritage. As Winston Churchill once commented: “There’s nothing better for the inside of a man than what is found on the outside of a horse.”