A new addition to the ruggedly exotic Adventurer collection, the Trapt range features hearty beams of African balsam wood encased in smooth resin and juxtaposed against an industrial iron frame.

The clear resin highlights the wood’s stunning natural palette of honey and chestnut browns, creating tropical, earthy notes for relaxed interiors. Available in a full range including dining table, coffee and side table, console and bookcase.

Each piece in the Trapt collection is meticulously crafted by hand during a time-intensive process, with a single dining table taking around one week to complete. During the craftsmanship process, timber planks are immersed in a layer of resin which seeps into every crevice, bonding with the timber once it cools and hardens. The planks are then recut and sanded for a smooth, flush surface, while hand-polishing ensures the resin is perfectly transparent. A thin layer of extra-hard resin forms the surface of the tabletop, perfect for the rigours of daily use. Finally the top is hand-polished to a silky and almost aqueous finish, like rainwater running over branches.

Timothy Oulton created the Trapt collection in collaboration with designer Bastien Taillard. Bastien says: “The concept was to use waste pieces of wood and turn it into something very precious and strong. The balsam bonded with the acrylic has a very high density so it’s perfect for a tabletop. The colour of the wood becomes even darker when you cast it into this transparent resin, you’re able to observe every detail and imperfection of the wood. Each piece has its own unique markings so each table is completely individual, and you can feel the high levels of craftsmanship that go into it.”

Meet Bastien Taillard, Designer of Trapt

Bastien’s passion for design runs through his blood, all his family are interior decorators, designers and fashion designers. After studying at art school age 16, he went on to ENSCI, one of the most prestigious design schools in Paris, where he honed his craft. Bastien became Head of Design at French design house Bleu Nature, where he met Tim Oulton.

What inspires you?

I’m heavily influenced by nature and technology. Natural materials are always the starting point for me – the material comes first and then the design and shape. I’m interesting in using materials in new ways, so I spend a lot of time researching the material and then coming up with different ways of using it. I’ve always admired the architect Jean Nouvel, he pushes the boundaries of creative experimentation – he’s not afraid to try new ideas and for me, innovation is key. I’m also inspired by Charlotte Perriand, she’s done a lot to bring industrial design into furniture.

Which material do you like working with the most?

I work with a bit of everything but I especially love the natural elements.  With the Trapt collection, it’s a very delicate process combining the natural timber with the resin, because the wood is a live material so you have to get the conditions just right. I wanted to create something that felt natural and earthy, which showed off the character of the timber, but still felt very modern.

What makes a design classic?

Classic design always use a basic sequence of shapes. So as a designer, you’re always asking yourself how to make it simple. The simplicity is what makes it timeless.  You can’t create a classic, it becomes a classic.