Hard day? Come home and kick your feet up on Timothy Oulton’s new, super-stylish generation of motion chairs; chic, sleek designs with smooth, seamless electrics that let you glide into your perfect relaxing position at the touch of a button. Whether you’re binge-watching a boxset, getting lost in a book, or simply enjoying a lazy Sunday, slouching has never looked so stylish.


Yes, recliners just got cool again.


If we could take you back to 1850 for a moment, the world’s first recliner was reportedly owned by French president Napolean III.  In the 1860s, the design company of William Morris - creator of the Arts and Crafts movement - introduced the iconic Morris Chair to the world with its hinged back and opulent Victorian upholstery, and then NASA got in on the act in 1959, with a motion chair patented for use in the Apollo missions.


But before long, clunky electrics and a bulky, overstuffed design dated the recliner, relegating it to tawdry man caves and staid retirement homes. Until now…


Stretch Out on Slouchy

Slouchy has a stylishly simple, armless design with generous wide channel stitching for a sleek yet casual look. Sitting low to the ground, wide proportions offer plenty of room to relax, while the hidden electric motion function allows you to recline fully with your seat back and feet up. 


Put Your Feet up on Pudgie

Luxuriously plump and inviting, this motion version of our Pudgie sofa takes indulgence to the next level. Transforming at the touch of a button, Pudgie smoothly reclines back, elevating the feet and adjusting the seat and headrest to achieve your perfect relaxed position. Available as a 1- and 3-seater.


Lie Back on Bay Swivel

Perfect for modern work-from-home settings, the Bay swivel recliner blends stylish simplicity with rich and tactile comfort. Effortlessly glide into your perfect thinking position at the touch of a button, reclining the back and elevating the feet for the ultimate comfort as you work.

Choose from 5 available colours

Pudgie, Slouchy  and Portobello are clad in our hand-finished Buff Burnished leather, combining a classic vintage style with a rich, burnished finish. Available in 5 colours: Nutmeg, Blue, Chocolate, Pewter, and Graphite.  

Tim Oulton says, “We wanted to create a modern and stylish antidote to traditional recliner chairs. The electrics are nice and smooth and very quiet, and the chair reclines fully so you can kick out and totally relax. I don’t even like calling them recliners, because they’re worlds away from those old-fashioned clunky things, our versions are modern motion chairs – they’re super sleek but incredibly comfortable.”


Discover our modern motion chairs at your nearest Timothy Oulton gallery, or live chat with us for more info and prices.