When it comes to pure indulgence, go big or go home with the plush and plump Pudgie and super-sumptuous Squidgy. Launched as part of our 2020 Collection, the new sofas offer the cosiest of landing pads, draped in new and immensely tactile Buff Burnished leather.

Designed to enable the rituals of modern living, Timothy Oulton’s collections help answer a question that is now more pertinent than ever: “how do you want to feel at home?”. Perfectly suited to relaxed living, Pudgie and Squidgy exude comfort, richness and warmth, elevating those moments of relaxation in the home. Pudgie is decadently cloaked in full leather hides while Squidgy’s all over buttoning accentuates its sumptuous form.

Also new, the much loved Shabby sectional sofa - known as our “ultimate sloucher” - is now available with upholstered or timber-topped arm modules, offering endless possibilities to create a luxe yet laidback lounging space.

The new designs are available in a wide range of finishes including our latest leather innovation: Buff Burnished. Extraordinary lengths are taken to achieve the beautifully burnished look and soft hand feel, with many hours of hand finishing involved. Once upholstered, craftsmen wax the leather and then apply heat, before finally polishing it using lamb’s wool. Tim Oulton says, “Touch and feel has always been important to us, and we are going more and more for natural textures. I’ve always been obsessed by leather because it’s so timeless, and Buff Burnished is the perfect blend of classic vintage style with a rich, burnished finish.”



The Pudgie sofa is pure indulgence: soft, sumptuous, and swathed in a copious cloak of beautifully hand-finished leather.

Pudgie is covered in full leather hides rather than pieces sewn together, so it feels incredibly luxurious due to the sheer expanse of leather - minimal to no seams are visible so the eye is drawn to the natural richness and beauty of the leather without interruption.

Cleverly engineered from the inside out, Pudgie gives superior comfort thanks to its ergonomic design, combining pocket springs with supportive foam and feather wrapped cushions for the ultimate softness. A low profile maintains a relaxed look, with good mid-height back support that’s perfect for both chilling in front of the TV and casual entertaining. Wrap yourself up in Pudgie and feel the day’s stresses ease away.

Available as a 1, 2 or 3 seater, in a range of leathers and fabrics.




 A super soft and super squidgy sofa, just like its namesake.

All-over deep buttoning and broad, deep creases inject plenty of playful sophistication while wide, squared off arms, a low profile and generous proportions maintain Squidgy’s bold and contemporary character.

Available as a 2.5 or 3 seater, in a range of leathers and fabrics.




Timothy Oulton’s iconic Shabby sectional is now available in a 1-seater module with upholstered arm, and an integrated Shabby Arm module with a reclaimed wood top, offering endless possibilities to create your perfect configuration.

The new 1-seater modules come with a matching upholstered arm on the left or right side, closing off the sectional to give a more structured feel to Shabby’s fluid shape.

The timber-topped Shabby Table Arm modules are designed like a side table so you can keep drinks, snacks and the remote all at arm’s length. The top is finished in reclaimed elm wood, and the modules can be fitted either at the side or in between seating modules.



Characterised by its rich depth of colour, Buff Burnished has a special hand applied dye applied at the outer extremity of the leather surface fibres. The finish is a mixture of both matt and shine, combining a classic vintage style with a burnished finish. A thick leather with uneven pebbling, it has a gently aged look with a soft hand feel that’s slightly waxy to the touch. Once upholstered, the leather is finished for a second time. Skilled craftsmen wax the leather and then apply heat, before finally polishing it with lamb’s wool.


Featured across the upholstery collection and available in 5 colours: Nutmeg, Blue, Chocolate, Pewter, and Graphite.