Deeply committed to using only the purest, most authentic materials, Timothy Oulton launches new additions to its Noble Souls collection; the first sofa range made using only 100% natural vegetable dyes, feathers and natural linens, supported by a select range of accent pieces in natural materials. Highlights of the 2020 Collection include new purple linens, coloured using the root of the madder plant, alongside a new natural, undyed alternative. The new linens are available on all sofas.



Alongside the new purple and natural linens, the best-selling Nest sofa range has been extended, now offering fixed arm 3-seater, 2-seater and 1-seater options.  And the Nest sectional is also now offered in a more compact size for smaller spaces, enabling you to experience the natural beauty of Noble Souls in any interior setting. Other new designs for 2020 include the Kape dining chair, Crofters table collection, and Naze pendant.


Timothy Oulton’s Noble Souls features a unique sofa collection of truly disarming softness and epic comfort. An ultrafine goose down filling is wrapped in a swathe of natural soft linens that are dyed with an ancient, simple technique that has endured thousands of years, using just natural dye stuffs and water. As such, Noble Souls delivers the softest, most comfortable experience ever, while reconnecting us through time with original makers and natural materials.


The collection features three sectional sofas: Nest, Oasis, and Realm. Each one offers a different seating contour, from very laid-back through to more upright profiles, ensuring there is a sofa perfectly suited to complement any lifestyle whether you want to completely recline or feel more supported.


Founder Tim Oulton says of the collection, “You sit down on one of these sofas and your shoulders drop, your neck softens, and you find yourself smiling - we call it the “whuush”.  It’s a real, physical sensation - that feeling of giving yourself up to your senses and truly letting go.”


Available on all sofa models, Old Loom Purple and Sol Linen Lavender are the latest colourways to feature alongside natural indigo and gallnut dyed linens. The rich and earthy purply-red colour comes from the madder plant (rubia tinctorum). The larger, older roots of the madder are dug up after 2 years, and are fermented to extract the dye. Historically, there is evidence of madder use as far back as 1500BC. The madder plant has been used to dye cloth by many civilisations from the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, to India and the Moors. Cloth dyed with madder root was found in the tomb of Tutankhamen, and in the ruins of Pompeii, while Indian hermits used it to create saffron robes, and the military red coats of the British Redcoats were originally dyed with madder. In 1804, the English dye maker George Field developed a technique to make it an insoluble dye, using alum. 


Tim Oulton says of the new purple linens, “We wanted to build on the existing indigo and grey colourways with a natural colour that still felt deeply relaxing yet was also warm and inviting. Purple has a distinguished past - it was once extremely rare and reserved only for royalty, but it’s also associated with being mystical, comforting and calming.”


During the dyeing process, the intensity of colour is dependent on the amount of dye stuff used and the dyeing time. Dyeing takes place in-house in the Timothy Oulton workshops, with the whole process taking around 6-8 hours.


Also new for 2020 is Sol Linen Natural, an undyed neutral linen alternative, available on all Noble Souls upholstery.


Other highlights of the new collection include the Crofters range of tables and cabinetry, handcrafted from reclaimed elm wood, and Kape dining chairs in natural linens. New accessories include the Naze pendant in hand-blown glass with a vegetable-tanned leather strap, and the Sabi rug, fashioned from patches of antique rugs and hemp sacks.


The latest additions to the Noble Souls collection are available to purchase worldwide through selected Timothy Oulton galleries and online at in the UK and USA.


NEW FOR 2020

Nest Sofa Shown in Sol Linen Lavender

  • Newly available as a fixed 1, 2, or 3 seater sofa. Available in 2 sizes: regular or compact.
  • Sectional now also available in a compact size.

One of the world’s most disarmingly comfortable sofas, employing natural materials. Nest offers a laidback seating position, perfect for kicking back, watching a movie or getting lost in music. Filled with goose down feathers, the simplest form of all feathers, creating thousands of tiny pockets of air within the sofa. Seat covers are all natural linen, using only 100% natural vegetable dyes. 


New Linens: Sol Linen Lavender, Old Loom Purple and Sol Linen Natural


Noble Souls linens are 100% natural. Sol Linen is a plain, more structured weave, while Old Loom is a looser, heavier twill weave with a rich texture. New Sol Linen Lavender is a soft, light purple with a slightly dusty look, while new Sol Linen Natural has been left completely undyed. New Old Loom Purple has a rich, deep aubergine hue that is warm and vibrant. 


Kape Dining Chairs

Soft and welcoming, our Kape dining chairs are named after the market traders or ‘kapeloi’ who would gather at the agora in ancient Greece. A minimal style with a low profile and compact arms, Kape sets the tone for casual dining where everyone at the table can gather together, be comfortable, and feel at home.   Loose covers are in pure, natural linen, dyed using 100% natural vegetable dyes in a range of calming tones.

Crofters Collection

Crofters celebrates the beauty of old elm timber in its most primal, natural form. No detailing has been added, just simple artisanal construction methods that highlight the timber’s beautiful grain pattern and characterful knots and fissures from its past life. The Italians call it arte povera or “impoverished art”, a return to simple objects and messages where the everyday becomes meaningful. We call it humble luxury, where the intrinsic value is in the most authentic, beautiful materials and the hours of handcraftsmanship that go into each piece. The name Crofters is an agricultural term, and refers to the farmers who live and work on croft land in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

Available as dining table, coffee table, console, side tables and bookcase.


Naze Pendant

A juxtaposition of smooth blown glass and vegetable tanned leather. The glass shade has a translucid finish, diffusing the light for a soft and atmospheric glow, with each handmade shade displaying its own unique effect and characteristics. Suspended by a looped leather strap which can be simply pulled to adjust the direction of the pendant upwards or downwards. A simple and minimal design, elevated by a sophisticated dark bronze ceiling rose.


Sabi Rug

Made using patches of antique rugs and hemp sacks which would have typically been used by herdsmen to transport grain on camels.  With its faded, washed-out look, the Sabi rug is inspired by Japanese boro jackets traditionally worn by farmers and fisherman, characterized by their patchwork assembly and mended look. Sabi embraces the ancient art of wabi sabi, a way of life that focusses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life.