We’re proud to announce that the Neutron pendant has been shortlisted for the upcoming World Interiors News (WIN) Awards in the Lighting Products category. The awards commend outstanding design which enhances customer experience, showcases innovation and uses industry leading initiatives.

The judging panel included leading industry experts: Oliver Jones – General Manager, ateljé Lyktan; Paul Nulty – Founder, Nulty+; Francesco Anselmo – Associate, ARUP; and David Atkinson – Creative Director, DALD.

The panel commented: “I like the handmade quality of this and also the glass tubes that radiates the light through points within it rather than being a flat form. It’s interesting and creative in terms of its lit effect, and I think it could be quite a recognizable pendant as a product.”

The Neutron was launched in Timothy Oulton galleries earlier this year. The initial design concept was inspired by the sun and its radiating beams of light. The Timothy Oulton Design Team wanted to recreate the visual effect of the sun; its power, gravitas and energy, using glass rods to evoke the ‘sunbeams’ radiating outwards, and a spherical body to represent the sun’s central ball of plasma.

The pendant is crafted entirely by hand. The frame is made from cylindrical tubes that are welded together to form a ball shape. Solid rods of polished glass, each cut with a slanted end, are then individually screwed into each cylinder to form the Neutron’s distinctive spherical form. Fixing the glass rods is an intricate process, making the craftsmanship of the light extremely time-intensive in order to achieve the high quality finish.

The light source comes from the bulb at the centre of the pendant, and is driven to the end of each glass rod through an optical fibre, so that only the very end of the glass lights up. This is what gives Neutron its unique effect and soft ambient glow.

At around 1m in diameter, the Neutron creates show-stopping drama in lounges and dining spaces. With its highly original design and mellow lighting effect, it’s ideal for people who like to entertain at home and are looking for a dramatic conversation piece for their interior.

Stay tuned for the award results…