16th May 2013. A select crowd of press, interior designers and close friends make their way to the trendy Artplay area in Moscow, a renowned creative quarter and a hub for innovation, design and fashion that shares the likes of Berlin’s Kreuzberg or New York’s Soho.

Teaming up with Home Concept, our gallery offers high ceilings in an industrial brick made complex, just the sort of location that would highlight the authentic and daring features of the Timothy Oulton handcrafted furniture. Everything in Artplay is done in the spirit of tusovka, a sort of social and cultural meeting of minds.

The warm spring nights that foreshadow the heat of the Russian summer allowed for our guests to enjoy an outdoors reception including the finest food and champagne in the purest of Russian traditions. Na Zdorovie!

The party hosted by Home Concept gallery Vadim Yasnogorodsky featured a very young DJ, our iconic bowler hats and a big dose of smiles, all of which contributed to the warm atmosphere of the reception.

The store features roomsets such as our Sports lounge, inspired by old English sporting activities and exuding the class and refinement that once defined the world of sports. The eye catching vintage tennis racquets and boxing gear meddle harmoniously with our Spitfire range, mixing brushed steel and genuine leather for an exquisite result.

Tim says: ‘This is the perfect place for us to open in Moscow, especially because Artplay also hosts the British Higher School of Art and Design. There’s an incredible energy there, young, brash and bold. And we love that people can come to our gallery in Home Concept, feel the quality of our leather and timbers and see the craftsmanship that goes into every piece, all within a creative community that understands quality design.’

The Timothy Oulton gallery at Home Concept in Artplay showcases the best in British design, an aesthetic which respects tradition and understands the need for innovation. The unmistakable Timothy Oulton style is venturesome and nonchalant, genteel and timeless. We’re sophisticated but we can also be a bit relaxed round the edges. Timothy Oulton dares to straddle that line, while insisting on working with the finest materials and artisans we can find.

Timothy Oulton at Design Center ArtPlay – Nizhnjaja Syromyatnicheskaya Steet, 10-2, Moscow, Russia