A blissful vision of comfort from one of Tim’s closest design collaborators, Michael Yeung, the new Alto sectional sofa takes relaxation to a whole new level. Designed for a super-slouchy, insanely comfortable experience, the Alto features timber armrests between the seats to keep everything you need at arm’s length, as once sat you won’t want to move. Sink into the luxurious double layer of seat cushions, covered in soft, densely woven linen, and maroon yourself for the weekend.

Designer Michael Yeung has been working closely with Tim Oulton for many years. He caught the attention of Tim shortly after graduating in Fine Arts back in 2005 and since then, Michael has spearheaded the design of some key pieces with his avant-garde and creative signature style.

Here, Michael explains the concept behind Alto’s distinctive design and exactly what makes it so staggeringly comfy.


Michael, what was the design concept of Alto?

“The idea derived from the need for a seating or lounging concept that pairs comfort and functionality with customization, allowing you to create the perfect relaxing experience that’s uniquely your own.”


What makes Alto so special?

“The different modules available for Alto allow you to create anything from a sofa to a corner group, depending on the room and experience you want to create. The timber armrest modules are designed like a side table, to fit seamlessly between the seating modules. This allows you to lounge and enjoy your drinks or snacks without ever having to reach towards the coffee table, creating an uninterrupted comfort experience.”


What’s the secret to Alto’s incredible comfort?

“The top feather layer was designed to be the softest, so you feel the comfort and cosiness of the seat and back cushions wrap around you as you sit and lay back. The fibre layer beneath is designed to be firmer to give more support, which is crucial to another design factor of Alto – your choice of seating position. Alto is designed both to be lounged in – very laid-back, almost like a bed – or you can sit in a more upright position with your legs entirely on the seat. This is made possible only with the use of the firmer second layer, coupled with the specific seat depth.”


Alto is available in a choice of finishes including: 28 leathers, Revival Velvet, Scuff Linen, Whispy Linen and new Woven Linen.  Create your own customised Alto using the following modules: Arm, 1 Seater, Corner, LHF Corner, RHF Corner and Sectional Set. 


Alto sectional sofa is a new addition to the Coastal Drift collection and is available to order through Timothy Oulton stores worldwide.