Making a statement in sculpted shiny steel, Timothy Oulton’s Mars Chair MK3 and Zazenne sideboard are the perfect power couple, catapulting the glamour of the 1930s firmly into sophisticated 21st century homes.

Short for the French term Arts Décoratifs, Art Deco is characterized by dramatic silhouettes, streamlined symmetry, and visual drama. Following the style’s theatrical opulence during the Roaring Twenties, it evolved in the 1930s with a more refined look, championing geometric forms and high-shine metallic surfaces. Tradition was blended with the modern mechanised world to create a luxurious yet functional aesthetic that has endured the decades and continues to inspire architecture, interiors and furniture today.

Propelling elements of Art Deco to the future of furniture design, Timothy Oulton’s Mars Chair MK3 channels timeless elegance with its bold curves, while the sleek Zazenne sideboard creates order and restraint through its clean lines and mesmerising symmetry.


Life on Mars

With its distinctive Art Deco curves, Timothy Oulton’s signature Mars Chair MK3contrasts hand-moulded metal with the richness of hand-finished leather. The first generation Mars was created in 2006, winning “Most Innovative Product” at the Luxuria Awards in 2010. The design evolved with the Mars MK3, featuring padded leather arms for a more tactile experience, and screw contouring along the frame to add further visual detail. Available in a wide array of leathers.

Tim Oulton: “The original inspiration of the Mars was to create a chair that was modern in shape and ideology but still reflected on vintage aspects as well. The Mars is vintage, contemporary and futuristic in one. It’s still one of my favourite designs because it’s so simple and timeless. It will look just as good in 20 years’ time.”

The Mars MK3 is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, polished for around 3 hours to achieve the high shine.  Watch the making of the Mars Chair.


Sit and Meditate on Zazenne

Crossing the world of Art Deco’s streamlined geometrics with the clean lines of Japanese architecture, Timothy Oulton’s Zazenne sideboard embodies a minimalist elegance. Designed for the millennium, this highly sculptural range encapsulates a truly modern aesthetic, finished in slatted shiny steel.

Painstakingly handcrafted and assembled, each piece requires hours of labour to complete, demanding maximum levels of precision and finesse.

Also available as a media unit.


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