Bringing statement furniture into the home is a great way to make your mark, and often helps to create a focal point in every room – whether it’s the shape, colour or overall design of the piece. There are no hard and fast rules on how to shop for statement furniture or decorate around a bold piece you’ve already found and love. As ever though, we do have some tips that’ll help you incorporate those statement pieces into a design magazine-worthy home.


How to pick designer furniture that will make a statement

Our biggest piece of advice is to pick designer furniture that you love. It may sound obvious advice that should go for everything you choose for your home, but it’s even more important if it’s going to be a statement-making piece – it’ll likely be the focal point of the home. Sure, you may love its bold print or colour, or interesting silhouette, but do make sure that you chose it because you love it enough that you can live with it every day, not simply because it was eye-catching stylish furniture.

Next, consider the natural focal points of each room, and make those the places for your statement. In the living room, this is usually the sofa more than anything else; things like side tables, consoles, mirrors and floor lamps play supporting roles rather than the protagonist. If you want to go for the wow factor, make an impact with the big items – like a sofa, bed or dining table – and let it stand out by keeping its surrounding pieces subdued; after all, not everything in the room can play the lead. Take our Shabby Sectional Faded & Degraded Sofa as an example – it’s the colourful print and sumptuous rich velvet that makes a statement, so keep the surrounding pieces plain and in block colours. Better still would be to pick up the colours of the sofa in other areas of the room to create harmony – three is the magic number of colours to aim for. Bonus tip: if you’re unsure over which tones are complementary, don’t be afraid to bust out the old trusty colour wheel.

If going big seems too daunting a starting point, that’s perfectly understandable – they tend to be the investment pieces. If you’d like to ease your way into this, then there’s nothing stopping you from starting small – try a statement side chair, mirror or anything that can more easily complement the main furniture pieces you already have. Our Saddle Chair is a great example of this – as an armchair, it isn’t a natural focal point of the living room and usually sits to the side of the room. However, the Saddle’s form and silhouette are distinctive, and the unexpected inclusion of stirrups shows a love and appreciation of equestrian pursuits. It’s a unique statement on who you are, whilst avoiding the main spotlight in the room.

An even easier place to start is with a statement mirror in the hallway or in the living room over a console. As this is usually considered a supporting piece, it’s important to go for something truly special and distinctive to ensure it doesn’t get lost among everything else. One of our favourites is the Inception Mirror, inspired by infinity mirrors from the 1970s. Its unique, show-stopping quality is in the LED bulbs that lay behind a thick brass frame; when lit up, a seemingly endless line of reflections appears in the mirror, as if it were a time portal out of a sci-fi scene.

Once you’ve mastered the smaller statement pieces, then you can go for that sofa with a loud print or bold patterned wallpaper.


Make an impact with retro chair designs

Another popular way to make a design statement at home is through iconic retro chair designs. Whether it’s a mid-century chair or an antique chair, they make for a quick and easily recognisable reference to your style sensibilities. Whatever you pick, the best way to make the chair stand out is to first consider what style it is, then have everything else around it be something completely different or even the opposite of the statement piece. Juxtaposition is key to decorating with statement furniture – if it’s got a busy pattern, keep everything else simple; if it’s dark, have the surrounding pieces in light colours; if it features soft, flowing organic lines, contrast with precise, geometric designs. Take our Mimi Faded & Degraded Chairs as an example: its classic flared silhouette and velvet prints are what set this design apart. To create contrast, consider a square or rectangular dining table rather than round or oval. A marble top table with veins might come off looking similar to the print, so choose a surface that’s one solid hue, or even glass.

Bonus tip on patterns for the advanced: earlier we said it’s best to keep surrounding items in block colours if your statement piece is patterned. True as that may be, it can also be fun to mix up a couple of patterns; this is tricky to pull off but essentially, you just need to make sure the scales of the patterns are different, for example, by mixing big bold prints with smaller patterns and ensuring that there is some integration of colour between the two.


Modern chandeliers and dramatic pendants are guaranteed to steal the show

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating is to not think about lighting until it’s much too late. Lighting does wonders for setting the ambience and can be an easy way to incorporate a statement piece into the room, especially when hung low for dramatic effect. One of our favourite contemporary lighting designs at the moment is the Neutron Pendant featuring 271 glass rods emanating from the light source and nucleus. It’s inspired by a supernova that’s been captured in mid-explosion, as if frozen in time – you really can’t get more dramatic than that.

Modern chandeliers are excellent at drawing attention, but have you considered flipping the notion – quite literally – upside down to make your statement? For our lit-from-within Rex Dining Table, we did just that: premium cut crystals meticulously placed in the frame of a pedestal table to create what looks like an inverted chandelier.

Whichever way you make your statement, it’s important to step back, take in the whole picture and make sure you’re seeing what you want to stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to buy statement pieces that you truly love – if you love it enough, you’ll always find a way to make it work, even if it means reshuffling your room for several days until you find the perfect balance.