Is your living space driving you around the bend? Got awkward spaces to fill or unusual shapes to work with? Is there a random pillar or irritating partition wall curtailing your space and cramping your style?  Fear not, because our corner sofas are the answer to the most challenging of interior issues.


Perfect corner sofas for every home

As an added bonus, corner sofas offer the ultimate in flexibility for those who love to entertain – just select one of our supremely stylish sectional designs and you’re free to play with your couch configuration to your heart’s content. So with that in mind, come take a seat to explore four of our most excellent options when it comes to cornering the market in the type of sofas that are made for sharing.


Shabby Sectional Sofa

One of our unashamedly large corner sofas, Shabby’s slouchy sectional seating invites you to gather up a generously sized group and settle in for a night of great drinks and even better conversation. So what makes Shabby so comfy? Not only is this sloucher extremely well proportioned for sitting, lounging or anything in-between, but its casual appearance belies the meticulous attention to detail that goes into its design and construction. Made with a deep seat and gently reclined back for a relaxed posture, you can’t help but unwind from the moment you sit down.

Meanwhile, your body is cushioned by layers of soft ribbing that are stitched into the sofa for the ultimate in cradling comfort. Shabby is also extremely versatile, available in a wide range of leather and fabric finishes, as well as a menu of sizes to fit your home. Mix and match your corners and chaises with stand-alone one- to four-seater sofas, footstools and even a coordinating coffee table. All back to your place.


Nirvana Sectional Sofa

We can vouch for the fact that Nirvana is every bit as comfortable as it looks; in fact, we would go so far as to say that the cloudlike cushioning and plump proportions of this best-selling sectional sofa will guide you on your path to bliss like no other. Multiple-density foam and fibre layers are sandwiched together to form a luxurious surface on which to kick back and relax, while Nirvana’s low back and angled arms keep things comfortably casual.

Each one-seater modular piece comes with connectors, enabling you to shape and mould your couch into its optimal form – a true shape-shifter that will elevate your living room from functional to fabulous. The range offers both left- and right-hand corner options, along with a corner piece and matching footstool, making this the only modular system you will ever need. Choose from luxurious leather and tactile moleskin, or enjoy Nirvana as one of our statement fabric corner sofas – the choice is yours.


Zenna Small Sectional

Sometimes the best things come in small packages, and we think that’s definitely the case here. What the Zenna Small Sectional lacks in grand scale, it more than makes up for in comfort and versatility, making this one of the jewels in our crown. Simplicity is the key to Zenna’s success; available with a choice of single-seater, left- or right-hand sections, Zenna keeps decision-making to a minimum, leaving you with nothing but down-to-earth luxury.

And down-to-earth is exactly how we’d describe Zenna; hugging the floor, this low-slung style – built on a suspension system of pocket springs and fibre webbing topped with plush, channel-stitched feather-filled cushions – is all about taking it easy in supreme style that will fit any space, no matter how modest. Available as one of our range of leather corner sofas, we think a classic hide finish really elevates Zenna’s subtle styling, creating a focal point of your sofa.


Lux Sectional Sofa

Modern or traditional? Loose cushions or fixed? Classic or slouchy profile? Choosing a sofa that suits your décor requires a lot more consideration than you might at first think, but with our Lux Sectional Sofa, we’ve cleverly considered these choices, creating a sumptuous sofa that ticks all the boxes and then some. Available with a choice of interconnecting straight and corner sections plus a matching footstool, Lux is perfect for lounge lovers who want to retain an elegantly tailored look.

Its feather-filled back and scatter cushions beckon you to sink into airy comfort, while its classic back and armrests offer great postural support too. The ideal couch for socialising, Lux ensures that everyone gets the space that they need, while keeping things convivial. While Lux looks positively serene in linen and invitingly rugged in distressed leather, our pick of the bunch is our sumptuously yielding and tactile Tomahawk leather, whose supple, gently textured surface is reminiscent of the very softest velvet. Simple, squared-off legs complete this most modern of classics to a tee.