Well-made leather furniture is an investment, and with a little bit of love and attention it can last for generations. Here’s our 5 minute guide to help answer your questions about looking after your leather upholstery.


What are the main causes of cracked, dried, and aged leather furniture?

Leather is a natural, breathable material, so you should expect it to change over time. That’s the beauty of leather, it interacts with its surroundings and becomes lived in. Like many materials, leather is sensitive to extreme temperatures, so placing your sofa, for example, right under your air-conditioning or next to a radiator is going to dry out the leather’s natural oils. All leathers will fade slightly over time, but darker colours tend to fade faster if they’re in direct sunlight, so think about where you place your furniture.


How do you prevent these things from happening to your leather furniture? 

Our leathers are very unique in the market – we only use high quality aniline finishes, ensuring the leather wears in, not out. It’s very easy to maintain and live with, as long as you don’t let your cat use it as a scratching post or rest your hot cup of tea on the chair arm. One of the great things about our leathers is that they absorb scratches and cracks onto their surface, so over time they develop their own rich patina. See more on our leather creations here.


If you do notice dry areas or cracks in your leather furniture, how can you make it look like new again?

Never use any standard cleaning products, but there are some good specialist leather treatments on the market like Leather Master Pull-up Cream. You can’t use it on every type of leather, it depends on the way the leather has been finished. Some of our leathers are very vigorously hand-distressed to achieve their distinctive look, we spend hours abrading and buffing the hide to give it that unique, natural feel. Because these types of finishes are not coated, they’re highly absorbent so we don’t recommend any liquids or creams at all, just a dry cloth.  But the point with these types of leathers is that the marks they acquire over time actually enhance their rugged character.


Are there any homemade solutions?

Simply keeping your leather dust free with a soft, dry cloth is the best way to maintain it. Read our full leather care instructions here 


Any other tips and tricks?

Everyone knows that sunlight can cause leather to fade but most people don’t realise that moonlight can be just as strong. So if you’re considering placing your favourite leather sofa under your new glass skylight then you may want to think again. Also, keep in mind that clothing like jeans can transfer their dye to light coloured leathers, so we wouldn’t recommend you sit down on your white leather sofa if you’ve just come home from a walk in the rain.


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