Real Homes: Meet Lydia & Doug. 

How do you achieve the perfect balance between family-friendly and stylishly sophisticated? Ask art gallery owner and editor-in-chief of Nobleman magazine, Doug McLaughlin, and his entrepreneural wife Lydia, who showed us a sneak peek of their beautiful Orange County home.

With three young boys, two successful businesses, and a penchant for hosting a great party, Doug and Lydia are passionate about life, work, and family. The couple founded Nobleman in 2016, an ultra-premium quarterly publication for the modern man, focusing on style, adventure and culture. Timothy Oulton was delighted to host the magazine’s summer edition launch party last year at our Orange County gallery. Lydia, who is also a jewellery designer, describes the joint venture as “a really interesting kind of story to follow, the two of us taking a risk and starting a magazine, working together to fulfill our dreams.”

From lounging on their Shabby sofa after a busy day, to slow dancing under their Herodes chandelier before a romantic night out, here’s the lowdown on life at home with one of Orange County’s most stylish couples.


How do you find the right balance between a children friendly home and a décor that you love? 

Lydia: This is a tough one! Like every couple, you think you will never let the kids take over the house and by kid number three, you really want to give up! But we have a playroom, so that really helps! The kids have all their toys in there and the rest of the areas are typically kept clean. We went through a stage where we didn’t have a coffee table in the living room for fear of someone hitting their head on the corner! We are out of that toddler stage now. We think you just change as your family changes. We don’t believe any space is off limit for our kids, we all live in our home and it is all livable space.


What’s the most sentimental piece you own?

Doug: All the art we own is very special to us. About 10 years ago we opened an art gallery in Laguna Beach and we got to meet and work with some incredible artists. At the time we also lived in Laguna Beach, our first son was born there, and it was a very special time for us. Our first piece of art we purchased is one we still have in our living room today.  It’s from an artist named Andy Anh Ha. We have had many offers of people who wanted to buy it, but we could never bring ourselves to sell it.


How do you both merge your interior style together? 

Doug: It’s all about compromise.  It helps that we both have very similar tastes.  As a designer, I tend to be very opinionated on every detail.  Lydia was raised where her mother did all the decorating and her poor dad has to sleep on pink sheets! We tend to both like pieces that are clean and modern but paired with classics like an Eames Lounge Chair and a bold chandelier for some drama.


What do you love most about your Timothy Oulton pieces?

Lydia: It is super hard to find a couch that is comfortable yet sophisticated and our Shabby sectional is both. The curves make this couch unique and adds a little wink to any room. We love the leather fabric and the deep chocolate colour. It’s a perfect blend of masculinity and feminine swirl.

Doug: Our Zazenne side tables catch the light even when you don’t think there is light. The first time we saw these we thought there was a lamp inside them. They are super versatile and add a bit of punch to our living room. I also love our Herodes chandelier, this piece feels like magic. It looks like an angel wing, there is something very calming yet spectacular about it. It catches your eye and makes you smile, any piece that does that for you is a win.


What’s on your interiors wish list?

Lydia: We love the clean lines of the Junction Marble dining table. It is timeless and yet a showstopper. With three kids running around, our house can feel a bit busy, so it is nice to have pieces that are neutral yet a statement. I’ve also got my eye on the Hudson champagne bar, it’s such a conversation starter. All the hidden drawers, and wear on the leather just makes you feel cool standing by it. We love the ice chest inside too. It’s a truly unique piece and one of our favourites.


What’s the most sacred space in your home?

Lydia: For us, we love our bedroom. Having three kids, and running two businesses, we find our days quite full. There is something so sacred about our bedroom. It is a source of rest and calm for us.


Thank you to Doug and Lydia for inviting us into your home.