On 1 September, we will open the doors to our worldwide flagship gallery in the historic Bluebird Garage in Chelsea. 10 years since opening our first gallery in L.A., we’re coming home to London with our best gallery yet; a manifesto expression of everything Timothy Oulton stands for: heritage, innovation, creativity and hospitality.

Built in 1923 and originally a celebrated Art Deco motor garage, Bluebird enjoyed connections with legendary innovator, racing driver and record breaker Sir Malcolm Campbell. It has since born witness to much of London’s rich legacy of innovation, modern culture and design. This pioneering spirit, fearlessness, and dedication to relevance are the very same values that have always inspired Timothy Oulton’s collections, making it the perfect fit for our flagship.

The new 670m2 (7200 sq ft) gallery is packed with drama and romance, featuring the largest retail display of Timothy Oulton collections anywhere in the world. The Victorian era collides with a 1960s anti-establishment streak in a portfolio of different ‘worlds’, with all our established icons on show: the daring Westminster Jack’dN Brok’n sofa, the effortlessly sophisticated Shabby modular sofa, the iconic Aviator Tomcat chair, the timeless Saddle chair in Buck’dN Brok’n, the floor-standing Rex mirror, and the Odeon chandelier.

The speakeasy-inspired Hudson and Bio Hazard bar cabinetry collections bear witness to a philosophy that beautiful interiors support the creation of hosted experiences. And a separate space creates a showcase for Timothy Oulton’s Noble Souls.

The space is also replete with distinctive hallmarks of the Timothy Oulton philosophy, with a bold nod to every major influence of Tim Oulton’s approach to design. A selection of antiques from Rare by Oulton, procured and curated by Tim, speaks of his early days and ongoing involvement in the antiques trade, and includes part of one of the world’s largest collections of customised Louis Vuitton trunks. A giant fish tank housing a Yellow Submarine, plays on Tim’s endless fascinations. There’s Apollo, a custom designed ‘spaceship’, showcased at this year’s Milan Design Week, referencing Timothy Oulton Studio and its capability in delivering customized experience-led hospitality projects. And finally, as if as an anchor, a talismanic 1.7 tonne rock crystal, millions of years old, stands as testimony to the beauty of raw, natural materials.

The seasoned Timothy Oulton team at Bluebird is ready to offer an array of services, and is headed up by Ms Alessandra Raia, who has worked with Tim for many years, starting at the store in Harrods, and has trained with him in his workshops. Ms Raia is an expert in every aspect of the Timothy Oulton experience, and she is supported by Ms Nikita Noviello, who is dedicated to supporting the needs of interior design clients.

So whether you’re seeking a personal tour of the collection, selecting a customized leather bag from the Bespoke collection, searching for a statement piece of furniture or lighting, or wanting to furnish a whole room (or house!) with the expert guidance of Timothy Oulton’s Room Planning service, the team is ready to help. And even if you have in mind a bigger project that requires the design and construction expertise of Timothy Oulton Studio, the team at Bluebird is a great place to start.

And of course, in keeping with Timothy Oulton’s quest to revive the lost art of hosting, the gallery offers a storied backdrop for hosted events and private dinners, positioning the venue as an exciting new hub for the local community.

Tim Oulton says, “It’s a special place, and we want to bring something very special to Bluebird, and to Chelsea. Inviting people into our home has always been at the core of our ethos, so we’re passionate that the gallery at Bluebird shows our home at its absolute best, and is not only a great furniture destination but it’s also a place to host and connect with people.”


Visit Timothy Oulton Bluebird at 350 King’s Road, Chelsea, London.