The New Mystical, Magical Frozen Collection

Timothy Oulton’s innovative lighting range has been updated with renewed sparkle this season with the new Frozen lighting and mirror collection. Continuing last season’s forays into natural rocks with the Selenite and Rock Crystal lighting ranges, the new Frozen collection continues to explore this geological strain by capturing the mystical romance of natural calcite crystals.

Designed using simple shapes with almost no visible frame, Frozen focuses on the mesmerizing beauty of one of Earth’s oldest natural materials. Calcite has a similar feel to quartz but is more opaque and milky in colour, with the finish described as Pearly Quartz in the new collection. The crystals emit a very soft, gentle glow when illuminated, with rich, earthy colourings occasionally visible within the crystal.

On the design inspiration Tim Oulton says, “I like the idea of taking something very old – ancient even - and making something modern and unexpected with it, and there’s also that mystical element to rocks and crystals which I find fascinating.”

Calcite’s mystical properties have long been said to stimulate mental energy, making Frozen the perfect energy amplifier for anyone who loves to throw a party, entertain at home, and thrill their guests.  

Frozen is available as a pendant (2 sizes), round or tall mirror, floor lamp in 3 sizes, and sconce.



Selenite Pendant and Sconce

Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, selenite is known for its soft pearlescent glow similar to moonlight. It is the crystalline version of the mineral Gypsum, and is revered by many for its spiritual and protective properties – with some believing it unlocks the chakra of divine wisdom. The oldest Selenite crystal ever discovered was 500,000 years old in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Suspended like glistening stalactites, the crystals in our Selenite lighting collection are painstakingly affixed to the frame one by one.

Selenite is available as a pendant in 3 sizes, and sconce in 2 sizes.


Rock Crystal Rain Pendant 

The love of precious stones is deeply ingrained in the human heart, an ancient beauty that remains untouched and constant. The Rock Crystal Rain pendant is exquisitely handcrafted from delicate drops of rock crystal, fixed to individual sockets on the frame so that each crystal is lit.

The multi-faceted crystals disperse the light in every direction as it shines through the translucent stone, casting dramatic shapes and shadows on the wall, and radiating a soft and romantic glow. Lightweight in appearance yet voluminous in size, the Rock Crystal Rain pendant makes a spectacular showpiece suspended from high ceilings or above stairwells.

Available as a pendant in 2 sizes, with the large size featuring a dramatic height of 215cms. Also available flush mounted.

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