Large and impactful yet feather-light in appearance, Classic Volt and Monarch are two innovative new lighting designs crafted from hand-polished shards of K9 optical glass. A raw, modern version of traditional glamour, the broken pieces of glass are reminiscent of rough diamonds floating and glowing in the air.

Classic Volt: A Fun, Avant-Garde Play on Tradition

Playing with the DNA of a classic chandelier, the shape of the Classic Volt is outlined by a simple metal wire frame which is also used to transfer power to the bulbs without any need for additional wiring. Hand-polished broken K9 glass shards are used in place of classic candleholders for a distinctively contemporary take on tradition.
The innovative wire-free construction is technical to produce, but allows the chandelier to retain its drama and size whilst simultaneously looking incredibly lightweight. The chandelier measures a striking 117cms in diameter and 121cms in height, with the ability to adjust the drop easily.
Cool white LEDS bulbs are placed directly above each cluster of glass to diffuse the light for a soft, romantic effect. The entire chandelier is extremely low voltage – just 10 Watts across 50 bulbs.

Monarch: A Floating Halo of Creativity

A daringly creative and imaginative piece, the Monarch pendant light plays on the old adage of making something new out of something old – but to great effect.

Pieces of recycled scrap crystal are randomly selected and polished by hand, and then tied to each end of a piece of wire. The wire is wrapped over an iron halo-like frame, adding an interactive element whereby you can play with the heights of the wire to make the design your own. An LED strip is concealed inside the frame, for a relaxed, mellow lighting effect. Pure, simple and guaranteed to be a talking point at dinner.

Monarch and Classic Volt are featured as part of Timothy Oulton’s Ultralounge concept: a serene and relaxing space in which to unwind without distraction. Epic drama, for light and airy interiors.