If you thought chandeliers always had to involve super sparkly crystals or countless ornate candelabra, think again. These days, the term chandelier encompasses a range of contemporary ceiling lights, reinvented into new styles crafted from all manner of materials.


Modern chandeliers for contemporary lifestyles

Forget the enormous, extravagantly ornate chandeliers from fairy tales; our collection of modern chandeliers proves that there are plenty of fresh contemporary lighting choices for today’s homes. From petite and chic to large and in charge, here are five of our favourite unique styles – all fashioned from more unusual, exotic materials than your typical cut-glass crystal – to light the way in your living space.


Rock Crystal Rain

As the saying goes, it never rains but it pours… which is frankly good news as far as our Rock Crystal Rain light is concerned! This sophisticated beauty is crafted from delicate droplets of translucent rock crystal – the purest, rarest form of crystal quartz – which have been lightly polished by hand to give each stone an ethereal glow.

This cascade of multi-faceted crystals are each fixed to their own sockets on the chandelier’s frame, meaning every stone is individually lit and disperses light into all directions, suffusing its surroundings with a warm romantic glow. Available in both pendant and flushmount styles, Rock Crystal Rain gracefully balances lightweight minimalism with a very urban sense of opulence – resulting in the most stylish downpour you’re ever likely to get caught in.


Monarch Pendant

A celebration of the old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, our Monarch Pendant uses recycled glass shards to create its singularly striking style. These shards are selected and polished by hand, before being tied to both ends of a piece of wire; the wires are then wrapped over Monarch’s circular iron frame, meaning the exact height of each wire can be adjusted by the light’s owner, adding another element of playful creativity and further ensuring that no two pieces are ever completely alike.

Available in three different sizes, Monarch’s halo-like frame is also home to a concealed LED strip, which delivers a mellow, laidback lighting effect. Simple but stunning, this is a majestic statement piece that is guaranteed to prove a conversation starter in any home.


Core Pendant

Small but perfectly formed, our carbonstone Core Pendant makes a big impression – whether hung alone or grouped into a collection of lights. Made from reclaimed quartz pieces, carbonstone’s creation is inspired by volcanic reactions that occur deep underground; our team of experts have perfected a cutting-edge, complex technique that combines extreme heat with sulphur-wrapped carbon over the course of a week, which transforms the quartz pieces into a solid translucent crystallised stone.

With its irregular glacier-like patterns and gorgeous depth, carbonstone has a unique mesmerising appearance that gives Core a natural, vintage feel – which is further enhanced by the pendant’s timeless rounded shape, inspired by the traditional technique of turned wood. Factor in the deliberately visible antique bulb in its centre and Core has all the makings of a modern-day classic.


Elysium Pendant

Inject a dose of otherworldly glamour to your living space with our magnificent Elysium Pendant – a masterpiece of meticulous craftsmanship, made from thousands of natural rock crystal shards. Named after the Ancient Greek paradise where mythical heroes were said to have ascended in the afterlife, this heaven-sent piece looks like something Zeus himself could have created, with each multi-faceted stone casting dramatic light and shade in all directions once illuminated.

Countless ice-like shards of translucent rock crystal are chosen and lightly cleaned by hand, before being fixed carefully one by one onto Elysium’s iron ring frame – a real labour of love on the part of our team of talented artisans. Elysium’s largest sized pendant, for instance, is over a metre in diameter, features over 6,000 pieces of crystal and takes 18 days to assemble. Available in two pendant designs – an awe-inspiring ring shape that comes in three sizes, or smaller quirky suspended spheres – this is breathtaking statement lighting that’s truly fit for the gods.


Classic Volt Chandelier

Although the Classic Volt might be the most traditional chandelier shape we have in our collection, you can be guaranteed that after a sprinkle of trademark Timothy Oulton ingenuity, the final result is anything but truly traditional! We’ve played with the DNA of a classic chandelier, reworking that familiar ornate frame into a more simple wire design; these wires have also been designed to conduct power to all of the chandelier’s bulbs, meaning no additional wiring is needed either.

The traditional chandelier’s candelabra have also been reimagined as irregular clusters of recycled optical glass fragments, with light bulbs placed directly above each cluster to beautifully diffuse the light – resulting in a soft, dreamy effect. An enchanting mix of the old and the new, and the elaborate and the minimal, the Classic Volt Chandelier breathes fresh life into an all-time design classic.