Drum roll please; the 2015 collection has arrived. Featuring stunning new hand-finished leathers and new authentic materials, a wide array of new pieces breathe fresh excitement into some of our most iconic design themes. Coastal Drift is the latest version of carefree, coastal living. 2015 sees the introduction of Warrior; the softest, most sumptuous leather finish we have ever created. It’s inspired by the Noble Savage, a romanticized fictional character who was uncorrupted by civilization and alive to life’s elemental pleasures. Only the softest cow hides are hand-selected, and then rigorously treated by hand to temper and soften the leather. Warrior is featured on the new Dex sofa, perfect for whiling away languid summer evenings.

Other highlights include the epic Glacier collection where fire and ice collide dramatically, with burnt timbers frozen within a pristine block of crystal clear acrylic. New Iris lighting echoes ship portholes and evokes a sense of discovery and wanderlust, while the new Tropic linen sofa takes its cue from nautical living, with grommets around the skirt evoking the sails of a boat swaying in the breeze. In the Kisimi side table, hand collected driftwood is suspended within a block of liquid acrylic, each tiny bubble like a last breath of air before being frozen in time.

Read the Coastal Drift publication here


The classic Beat Generation theme has been enriched with new life and soul, seeing the introduction of Vagabond leather, featured on the Westminster sofa. Vagabond is the most exciting and evocative finish so far created in Tim’s workshop. Painstakingly treated by hand over and over again to create the most authentic vintage distressed look and feel, it is a leather imbued with that timeless sense of “a story to be told”, of a life already half lived, and lived fully.


Finally, the Loft theme welcomes the new Museum dining and coffee table, handcrafted from reclaimed English oak parquet flooring taken from old dance halls and disused buildings in the United Kingdom. Tim says: “We’ve been more daring, this year, using materials that are completely new, and developing new highly complex secondary finished leathers. Every piece is infused with new energy, a fresh level of excitement.” The new Spring/Summer collection is being introduced to stores throughout the coming months.