Earthy timbers, breezy linens and the softest worn-down leathers can transform even the most urban of spaces into a haven of tranquillity. Natural materials bring an instinctive sense of calm, warmth and comfort to a space. With that in mind, here are 4 timeless designs guaranteed to bring some rustic elegance to your home.



Classically Casual

The super-sized, super-comfortable Lazy chair mixes elements of an English Chesterfield with casual lounging, juxtaposing a rustic timber frame with the classically sophisticated roll arm and pintucked seat cushion. Wrap yourself in the soft touch of cool linen or hand-softened leather and escape to your comfort zone.


Naturally Rugged

A modern revival of the classic wingback chair, the chiselled look of the Achilles chair contrasts bold curves with pared back elegance. Its distinctively rounded back is echoed in the sabre legs and gentle slope of the arms, which extend down to the tip of each leg uninterrupted. Handcrafted in rustic Weathered Oak and upholstered in the soft, natural feel of hand-finished leather.


Raw & Reclaimed

Designed for a relaxing environment, the Causeway extending dining table is handcrafted from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber, paved in a brickwork pattern along its hearty top, with a slightly uneven surface for a more natural and rustic feel. The table can be extended with minimum effort by just one person, so you can prepare for extra guests with ease.


Tidal Textures

Newly available in a larger size, the Spur Burntwood side table brings the spirit of nature indoors in a sensuous feast of textures. The icy sharpness of clear acrylic contrasts with the warmth of charred driftwood for a tantalisingly tactile experience.

Selected from beaches all over the world, the driftwood is carefully burnt by hand to highlight the timber’s unique character and deep grooves. The imperfections in the wood are celebrated and preserved, respecting the passage of time and the idea that time actually makes things more beautiful.


It is the “imperfections” of natural materials that gives them such character – the unique knots and grain of timber, the marks and scars of natural leather – each tells its own story.


For relaxed and casual interiors, a touch of the wild creates a peaceful escape from even the most urban jungle.