Black and white marble floors, elegant dining tables, opulent crystal chandeliers and luxurious leather sofas… welcome to Gough’s On Gough in Hong Kong.


Here at Timothy Oulton, we’ve always seen ourselves as far more than just a furniture company – which is exactly why we created Timothy Oulton Studio, a multi-functional practice dedicated to transforming our passion for interiors into beautifully designed and utterly unique experiences. These are extraordinary places you can visit for yourselves, seeing and interacting with our pieces in a real-world setting, and hopefully soaking up a little bit of design inspiration for your own homes along the way.

Given our love of hospitality and hosting, it seemed only natural for us to create our own dining concept – and that’s exactly what happened with Gough’s On Gough, our quintessentially British restaurant located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district.


A Feast For The Senses

Right from the moment you see a vintage diving suit floating in a live piranha tank at the entrance, you’ll know that Gough’s On Gough definitely isn’t going to be your average restaurant!

We believe first impressions count – and we trust you’ll only have good ones as soon as you step inside the ground floor bar area, which is stunningly clad in monochrome Italian marble walls and flooring, before ascending the suspended marble-and-brass spiral staircase to the first floor, where Gough’s spectacular crystal marble bar and main dining room awaits.

Those who fancy a relaxing pre-dinner drink should take a seat at our illuminated moonstone bar located at the top of the staircase; laid with 459 K9 optical glass prisms suspended on a brass frame, this glamorous Art Deco-inspired space seems to glow like moonlight and was custom-designed especially for Gough’s, making it a true one-of-a-kind. Our tipple of choice? A very British glass of Pimm’s, of course!


Dine In Style

The dining room is a masterclass in intimate sophistication, where every last detail has been taken care of – from cosy hand-tufted leather banquettes that have been perfectly weathered in, to artfully mis-matched vintage crockery sourced straight from the UK. The sparkling crystal chandeliers – our Odeon Pendants, to be exact – are fully adjustable, sliding along rails and up vertical pulleys above each table, meaning you can get that ambient lighting just right whatever the time of day.

We’ve taken pleasure in building in further unexpected, eye-catching details wherever you look, including curtains printed with richly-coloured Persian rug patterns, columns that feature corset-style leather-and-linen lacing, a bar table crafted from a single piece of reclaimed timber, and even air-conditioning cladding that comes wrapped in our signature riveted Spitfire finish metal.

Another of our favourite features is the restaurant’s distinctive central wall, which features handcrafted removable panels that can be flipped around to reveal hundreds of delicate white goose feathers, shimmering textured oyster shells or coffered leather panelling inspired by the Pantheon ceiling – adding a quirky element of personalisation to every gathering.

As with our furniture, Gough’s On Gough’s cuisine is all about celebrating British classics with a contemporary twist; you’ll be spoilt for choice with a menu whose greatest hits include dishes like Sunday roast, beef wellington, whole Dover sole, and sticky toffee pudding – all to be enjoyed alongside our extensive and excellently-curated wine and cocktails list.

If you’re looking for a little bit more privacy, check out Gough’s exclusive “Secret Restaurant” – a secluded 10-seater room ideal for hosting a bespoke dinner party, with six-course chef menus personalised especially for your soirée. We’re rather partial to our friendly taxidermy zebra peeking out from one of its walls too!

When creating Gough’s On Gough, Tim said he wanted “to make a beautiful space for the perfect night out, where you never get a no” – and we believe there’s no better way for you to put that mission statement to the test by coming to visit us in-person. Bon appetit!