That’s the ethos behind the spectacular Crystal Infinity Bar, created by Timothy Oulton Studio and showcased at this year’s Mumbai’s AD Design Show. Immersed in an infinite universe of crystal raindrops, visitors to India’s premier design show were invited to explore the inspiring possibilities of natural materials blended with time honoured handcraftsmanship, in a totally modern hospitality experience.


Bringing the impossible to life, the Crystal Infinity Bar mesmerized visitors with an overwhelming sense of discovery.  Each droplet suspended from the ceiling was handcrafted from delicate pieces of hand polished rock crystal, millions of years old and sourced raw from the earth. Rock crystal is Tim’s latest fascination and features across the Timothy Oulton lighting and mirror collections, including the Rock Crystal Rain pendant. This ancient material acted as a talisman for the Crystal Infinity Bar, a source of positive energy that drew visitors in.


The enclosed space, clad with coloured mirrors, created infinite crystal reflections – a universe within a room. Timothy Oulton’s Westminster sofas – a 21st century take on the iconic Chesterfield – contrasted their rich hand-finished leathers with the stunning crystalline constellation suspended above, while the delicate red stitching of the bespoke Marshal bar was positioned against thickly grained Safari leather. Reflecting the sparkle from above, the industrially-styled Junk Art Propeller coffee table floated on a luxurious long-haired sheepskin rug. The juxtaposition of these different materials was central to the design of the space, creating an irresistibly immersive, tactile and sensorial experience.


The other key design concept of the room centred around the art of hosting. Preparing a space for the enjoyment of guests is an ethos as old as civilisation itself; passion and creativity allow us to connect with one another, demonstrating our care for each other and the value of our commonality. The beautifully detailed circular Marshal bar by Timothy Oulton Studio was a custom piece designed especially for the show.  Positioned at the centre of the space it was at once a hub of connection at the heart of the room, shaped to encourage conversation and new collaborations.


Founded by Tim Oulton and Simon Laws, Timothy Oulton Studio focusses on boutique design dedicated to the creation of incredible experiences, and has created show-stopping spaces across the globe including 1880 members’ club in Singapore and Glazebrook House Hotel in England.