1. Make sure there’s drama, drama, and more drama. A row of Timothy Oulton Rex mirrors would make the ultimate show-stopping piece – handcrafted from backlit optical glass prisms for a perpetual dance of shimmering lights.


2. Don’t run out of champagne! Construct a champagne tower using vintage Babycham glasses, and make sure it’s always flowing.

Experts from Berry Bros & Rudd share tips on how to pop the champagne:

Remove foil and wine muzzle. Tilt the bottle at 30° angle, gripping cork, use other hand to grip base of bottle and turn the bottle, not the cork. Release pressure with a quiet “phut”, not an explosion and flying cork!


3. Dazzle and sparkle with your lighting – a chandelier is a must. The Crystal chandelier oozes romance and bygone glamour, whilst its rusted metal frame gives it a modern, edgy feel for the more daring host.


4. Add peacock feathers, either in large vases, as a table centerpiece or even include them in your outfit. Peacocks have symbolised wealth and beauty since ancient times, associated with royalty and decadence.


5. Set the mood with candles. Timothy Oulton’s black leather-scented candles awaken all those primal senses, creating just the setting to really let your hair down.


6. You can leave your hat on – and we mean a bowler hat of course. Dot them around the room and your guests will have a ball trying them on, posing for photos and tossing them up in the air whilst dancing the night away.