On the 18th of September 2013, we invited an intimate crowd of 20 select guests and friends in to the comforts of our Gough Street store for another tasting evening. This time it was the turn of Highland Park, a deliciously deeply-layered and complex whisky as noted by our regular aficionados.

The candles were lit, the music was playing and our Bensington sofa was begging to be lounged on – all the ingredients for a cozy night in. The effortlessly knowledgeable speaker was Ron, who enthusiastically introduced the group to the delicacies of the five different whiskies. Tongues were loosened while taste buds were tantalized and after a lot of glass swishing (in the correct manner of course) Ron led the guests to find the hidden savours and subtleties of each expression.

The attendees enjoyed a visual spectacle combining one of the world’s best whiskies with our quality handcrafted furniture. Countless man hours are put into each Timothy Oulton piece to achieve an artistic standard and ensure its distinct individuality, just as Highland Park’s whisky is carefully aged without compromise.

Timothy Oulton’s heart and soul lies in reviving vintage designs to bring them back to the front stage, much like Highland Park’s careful ingredient selection and distillation methods; both use time-honoured techniques to make something wonderfully aged and classic relevant for the modern day.

As the chat got louder and the evening grew later, the tasting moved to more technical details and became a real education. The warming glow from the whisky was matched by the warmth of the atmosphere, with Timothy Oulton furniture providing the perfect setting for a relaxed night in with great company. More than just furniture, Timothy Oulton inspires a lifestyle.  Just like the whisky, we offer something authentic and pure, made with the deepest care and attention mixed with a bit of fire in our bellies.