In this day and age of fast fashion, it can be tempting to apply the same thinking to home decor and furniture. However, unlike fashion items that you might wear just once or twice, furniture items like sofas, dining tables and desks are things that you could may well use for a whole lifetime – and even pass down to the next generation.

Whether you’re a renter or homeowner, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on style, choice or quality when it comes to decorating your interiors. So, before you flip through another catalogue of flat-packed furniture, it’s time to get to know the many benefits of buying some Timothy Oulton designer furniture instead.


Five benefits of buying designer furniture

It’s personal

Choosing furniture can be an extremely personal process, since the furniture you pick says a lot about you. Given that, it can be difficult to find something out there that suits your exact needs – which is where the highly customisable nature of designer furniture comes in. Living in a small space with awkward corners? You’ll need something that fits right in. Found the perfect sofa but it doesn’t come in your favourite colour? No problem. Looking for a bed with plenty of storage options? You got it.

From the colour and shape to finishes and fabrics, designer furniture is something that you can truly make your own. For instance, here at Timothy Oulton, we offer 30 different leathers and 15 different fabrics as upholstery options to create your own personalised sofa or armchair. Plus, our sectional sofas come in various modular options so that they fit right into your living room perfectly. After all, the last thing you want is to have the exact same furniture as everybody else.


It tells a story

Designer furniture is often more unique than high-street furniture, which is unsurprisingly made for the masses. Take our Junk Art Coffee Table, for example. Available in a round or square version, this incredible collection of coffee tables is made with reclaimed propellers of decommissioned Chinese fishing junks as its base, before being topped with a simple layer of tempered glass. Choose from the three-leaf propeller for the round table or four-leaf propeller for the square version – either way, you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind table, imbued with plenty of character and a genuine sense of history.

The Regiment Bookcase is another of our more intriguing items; this rare, round bookcase was inspired by the military drums Tim remembers from his childhood days, when his father was a major in the army. Made with hand-painted solid wood and leather, this is one truly distinctive piece of furniture that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, making it a real talking point in any home.


Better quality

Mass-produced furniture is exactly that – mass-produced – so don’t be surprised if the quality is less than optimal. With designer furniture, you can be sure that you’re investing in something that’s been made to stand the test of time. Here at Timothy Oulton, we pride ourselves on heritage, originality and quality craftsmanship, which is why we use authentic materials that age well and actually look even better with time.

Our Hudson Desk is a great example of excellent craftsmanship in modern furniture. Part of the sensuous Hudson collection of tables, cabinets and desks, which are entirely wrapped in smooth Fury leather, each leather panel is painstakingly applied to the furniture one-by-one and fixed into place with hand-applied black studs.

The result is a smooth, all-leather exterior that offers plenty of dimension for your home, in multiple shades of brown that naturally exude a warm, worn, vintage look. Whether you’re looking at it from afar or up-close, this level of quality can’t be denied.


Timeless appeal

High-street furniture tends to follow the latest trends, but at Timothy Oulton, we focus more on timeless designs that never go out of style. For instance, our Zazenne collection of sleek, stylish furniture is made of shiny steel and inspired by the straight lines of Japanese architecture.

Choose from a range of sculptural desks, cabinets and side tables to match with your home; no matter your pick, these beautifully minimalist pieces will look just as good now as they will in 20, 30 or even 50 years.


Expert advice

Another benefit of buying designer furniture is the professional help that comes along with it. If you’re someone who might not be too confident in their home decorating skills, or simply too busy to do the shopping yourself, having someone else help choose and design your furniture ensures a stress-free way of creating the most personal and comfortable living space for you.

Our Timothy Oulton ambassadors are always available to help you plan your home or design project – all you need to do is contact your nearest store. In fact, select stores around the world also offer dedicated Room Planning service, which is a two- or three-dimensional approach to seeing how your chosen picks of Timothy Oulton furniture items will look in your actual home.

Still debating between high-street and designer furniture? If you’re looking for something more personal, unique, high-quality, timeless and expertly made, designer furniture is definitely the way to go.