Meet the rock star of the sofa world: the Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n.


A daring display of handcraftsmanship, this one-of-a-kind finish is created from aniline leathers that have been overpainted with the Union Jack graphic and then heavily distressed by skilled master craftsmen.

Upholstered onto the Westminster Button sofa, the flag motif is painted by hand in a rich, vintage palette of red, white and blue. Simple wooden and serrated tools are then used to score, scratch and break the surface of the leather on the finished piece. Craftsmen blend this cracked and damaged look with the leather’s natural softness to create a totally unique, luxurious experience.

Tim worked closely with his Argentinian leather master, Diego Diaz, to create the finish. It’s the most extreme leather that Tim has ever developed, pushing the boundaries of creativity in both the leather finish itself and the design of the finished piece.

Inspired by the classic Chesterfield, the Westminster Button bears all the hallmarks of traditional handcraftsmanship, with around 1550 studs applied by hand on the 3-seater sofa. While the Union Jack graphic is an emblem of Britain and a nod to the company’s British roots, it is also a tribute to rock and roll. Over the years the flag has become a symbol of London in the Swinging Sixties and the so-called ‘British invasion’ when bands like the Who were putting it on their album covers. Like a charismatic aging rock star, Jack’dn Brok’n is imbued with the stories of a life fully lived.

The beauty of good quality aniline leathers, as with any person of good character, is its ability to withstand the trials of life, and despite some bumps and scratches, come out looking even more handsome or beautiful. Jack’dN Brok’n is ingrained with that sense of inner strength and endurance, a celebration of the passage of time. Its daring and extreme look, created using age-old techniques, is the perfect coalescence of tradition and innovation.

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