It’s been a little over 200 years since the birth of David Livingstone, one of history’s greatest explorers and a true British hero. Travelling across Africa, he was obsessed with discovering the watershed where the Nile drains, as he believed this would earn him the power and influence to abolish slavery in the region.After losing touch with the outside world, a New York journalist was sent to find him and their meeting gave rise to the famous quote “Dr Livingstone, I presume”. Exploring new frontiers with that fearless tenacity is an idea very much celebrated at Timothy Oulton, as we continue to press forward in our quest for innovation. Below is a selection of unique pieces inspired by two of life’s great passions: travel and adventure.

A Taste for Excitement

In the Adventurer collection, we veer off the beaten track with the 4 Beam dining table, handcrafted from salvaged railway sleepers that once served as the lifeblood of Indonesia’s transport network, exporting coffee, sugar, rice and tobacco from the plantations. The beams are encased in smooth clear acrylic for a striking contrast, highlighting the earthy, weathered texture of the timber.

Charlie chairs make for a rugged companion, clad head to toe in thick and luxurious Throne leather, while the Rosen Bridge pendant brings galactic beauty overhead. Inspired by the Einstein-Rosen bridge or ‘wormhole’ as it became known, this glamorous LED pendant celebrates the interweaving of cosmic frontiers.

Unwind and Escape

From interstellar adventure to travel of the more tranquil kind. Drift off and escape to exotic climes from the comfort of the Nirvana sectional sofa, covered in the softest hand-feel of summery Whispy White linen. Imagine the shimmer and sparkle of rolling waves with hand-blown Phylum pendants and the romance of bonfires on the beach with the Glacier coffee table, handcrafted from timber that has been carefully charred by hand and encased in crystalline acrylic. Relax and let your mind wander…

Pack Your Trunk

Staying with thoughts of the ocean, a bygone era of long, luxurious sea voyages is brought back to life with the Globetrekker cabinetry collection. Tim Oulton spends much of his time scouring flea markets for those hidden vintage gems and one such visit unearthed a piece that has become very important to us here at Timothy Oulton. A threadbare canvas-clad steamer trunk from 1914 had caught Tim’s eye, and some three years later the Globetrekker collection was born.

Faithfully emulating the original trunk yet reinventing it into functional pieces of furniture, Globetrekker features a Worn Marquee canvas finish, beautifully crafted wooden banding, leather handles and vintage hardware. The brass plate mounted above the latch has also been retained, engraved with the name of the trunk’s original owner, Tom Richards, who was presented with the piece upon embarking on a voyage from the UK to South Africa. The collection also comes in a sleek Aero aluminium finish, evolving with the modern, jet-set era.

Plot Your Next Trip

Contemplating your next adventure requires a comfortable armchair from which to plan. The timeless Professor chair is the perfect landing pad, clad in our rich and supple hand-distressed leather.

New for this year, this classic chair displays a more rebellious streak in the daring Stud Professor,  wrapped in Pixel brass-studded leather inspired by the studding on 1960s leather rock’n’roll jackets. Compact enough for a bedroom, hallway or reading nook, to pore over inspirational travel books or to rediscover your journals filled with stories and mementos of your past trips.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Augustine of Hippo