Introducing the Scrambler sectional, inspired by the trend of scrambler motorcycles which began in the UK; everyday road bikes customised by racers to perform on any type of terrain.


The same ideology of customisation and versatility was applied to the Scrambler sectional sofa, beginning with the seat comfort, which is designed with an initial soft layer transitioning to a more supportive and incredibly comfortable sit, reflecting the modified seat suspension of the motorcycles. Then there is the customisable configuration options, with four modules available: corner, 1-seater, integrated side table, and a footstool that doubles as an armrest. Just as scrambler motorcycles evolved to conquer any terrain, the Scrambler sectional can be customised in a range of configurations to conquer any space. 


With echoes of our best loved Shabby sectional, Scrambler features a slightly more upright sit, and is clad in rich and rugged perforated leather.


Seen above with Aviator Tomcat chairs, Junk Art coffee table, Hudson leather sideboard, Rod table lamp and Hustle wall art


The exterior of the Scrambler sectional is upholstered with the ROAD WARRIOR leather, which is perforated on the seat and seat back, finished off with a light distress to mimic vintage motorcycle riding leathers. 


The integrated side table was inspired by the clutch plates of a transmission, with exposed weld marks to embody the raw machinery of the original scramblers. 

Scrambler is part of the new Outlaw Collection, an intrepid, industrial-style range designed by Tim Oulton and Michael Yeung. Scrambler is available through our Timothy Oulton galleries worldwide. The rest of the Outlaw Collection is exclusively available at our galleries in the UK, US and Hong Kong only.


Explore the rest of our sectional sofas, available in a wide range of styles, finishes, and configurations. Live chat with us 24/7 if you have a question.




As well as inspiring the Scrambler sectional, Timothy Oulton’s love of motorcycles is also showcased in our collection of vintage BSA Bantams, displayed in many of our galleries.


Vintage blue BSA Bantam pictured here at our Bluebird gallery alongside Tim’s collection of antique Goyard and Louis Vuitton trunks. 


These classic bikes date from around 1953-1964 and were all sourced from a single private collector in the UK.


During the 1950s and 1960s, the motorcycle industry was the third largest earner for Britain (after cars and whisky), and British bikes had an unparalleled reputation across the globe. The Bantam outsold all other bikes, and is considered the archetype of lightweight British motorcycles.


Although the bikes in our vintage collection are no longer in working order, they make a truly storied and audacious display piece, emblematic of Britain’s cultural history as well as its proud industrial past.


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