You may have noticed, but here at Timothy Oulton, we aren’t exactly fans of being meek, mild and minimalist. As Tim himself says, “It’s creatively much more interesting to create inspiring, richly layered spaces with lots of personality. Once you’re free of the constraints of a minimalist approach, you can be bolder and take everything you love and put it together all in one place.”


Max Out On Maximalism

When it comes to tips for living it large, Tim advises that “layers of texture and contrast always give depth to space”. So that might mean pairing a traditional leather Chesterfield sofa with a sleekly contemporary glass coffee table, or matching the tactile weathered-in finish of a velvet retro armchair with the glamorous sparkle of a modern crystal chandelier.

“Ultimately, I think really great experiences start with the senses,” Tim explains. “For us, it’s never just decoration for the sake of it – everything has to have some meaning. I think your home should be a personal reflection of who you are; a space that just looks pretty won’t stand the test of time. If it all has relevance, purpose and meaning, then you get the balance right.”

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite “go big or go home” statement pieces to act as a jumping off point for maxing out on the maximalist look in your home. Hopefully you’ll love them every bit as much as we do!


Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n Handcrafted Sofa

In the words of Tim himself, “A great leather sofa makes a statement on its own”. Now imagine how much of a bigger style statement that becomes once you splash a giant Union Jack graphic on it!

This larger than life handcrafted sofa has a finish created from aniline leathers, which have been overpainted with a quirky Union Jack print and then artfully distressed by our team of master craftsmen. They scratch, score and gently break the surface of Westminster’s leather using simple wooden and serrated tools, whilst also painstakingly applying studding and button details – working their way to a seriously impressive 135 hand-tufted buttons on the three-seater version. The hand-distressed nature of the process means each Westminster is a total one-of-a-kind, adding further to its attention-grabbing personality. Whether it’s intended as a patriotic statement or simply a style one, you can guarantee that our Westminster Button Jack’dN Brok’n Chesterfield sofa will stand loud and proud in any living space.


Gyro Crystal Chandelier

Remember what Tim said about layers of textures and contrasts? Well, our magnificent Gyro Crystal Chandelier does all that in just one spectacular piece of contemporary lighting.

Inspired by the nineteenth century experimental physicist Leon Foucault’s gyroscope, this stunning centrepiece features a framework of aged metal spheres fixed around a traditional Georgian-style crystal chandelier at its centre – creating a captivating contrast between the raw industrialism of a scientific instrument and the feminine romance of precision-cut crystal. Guaranteed to turn heads, catch eyes and spark conversation, Gyro demonstrates that lighting doesn’t need to just be functional… it can most certainly be fabulous too.


Manor Chair in Acid Jungle

Large and in charge, our Manor Chair already makes a big first impression thanks to its generous proportions and distinctive design, which was originally based on the classic leather wingback chairs that became all the rage in 18th century England.

Nevertheless, we’re great believers in the maxim that more is more… and if you agree, how about opting for upholstery in our newest finish, Acid Jungle? Our wildest velvet to date, this fluorescent floral print certainly isn’t one for any shrinking violets out there – which is exactly why we’re so smitten with it. Vivid, vibrant and vivacious, this contemporary armchair represents flower power at its bright and bold best.


Shabby Sofa in Faded & Degraded

One of Tim’s personal favourite pieces, our Shabby Sofa in Faded & Degraded velvet is picture-perfect proof of how powerful a good print can be. Our Faded & Degraded Persia In Decline finish takes its inspiration from one of Tim’s vintage rugs, but brings affairs firmly into the 21st century by overlaying the carpet’s traditional faded intricate designs with modern abstract patterns rendered in complimentary hues of blue and grey.

Letting the print do the talking means you can keep things relatively simple elsewhere – as exemplified by Shabby’s easy-going slouchy shape. A deep generous seat, layers of soft rib stitching and a relaxed, reclined back mean this velvet sofa is practically custom-made for pure unadulterated comfort, but without sacrificing any sartorial points along the way. Up your luxe stakes even further by incorporating a chaise section, so you can put your feet up and stretch out in supreme style.


Neutron Pendant

Bring on the fireworks… our Neutron Pendant will ensure any gathering at your home goes off with a bang. Designed to look like a supernova caught in mid-explosion, this out-of-this-world pendant lighting radiates with an awesome intergalactic energy.

Neutron’s main light source comes from its glowing nucleus, which then travels through each of its 250 affixed glass rods, meaning only their very tips light up – like a scattering of newly-formed stars, twinkling in the cosmos. A truly heavenly creation, we think you’ll agree.