If furniture is the bones of a well-dressed interior then art is the jewellery – the watch that completes the suit or the sparkle that elevates the dress. While art takes many forms, Timothy Oulton’s art collection includes both objets d’art to accessorise tables and bookshelves, and a creative selection of ready-to-hang wall art. Here, we explore some highlights of Timothy Oulton’s thoughtfully curated wall art collection. From modern and masculine to elegant and refined to adventurous and playful, the wall art collection features diverse and often daring pieces to get the conversation going.

Many pieces in the wall art collection are inspired by vintage images, paintings and photographs sourced from flea markets, auctions and personal collections all over the world. Each timber-framed piece is printed on archival paper using traditional printing house techniques to produce a collectible piece and to evoke a vintage aesthetic. Other designs including the Hustle cards collection and New York City Map evoke a decidedly sleek and contemporary feel in laser-cut steel with LED lighting.

Whether you’re looking for a focal point for your room or the last finishing touch, discover unique gallery-worthy pieces to bring some character to your walls.

Highlights from the Wall Art Collection:

Bring Your A-Game

The classic playing card graphic has inspired various pieces in the collection. A statement piece for players and risk-takers, the new Hustle collection is available in all four Aces, laser-cut from a sheet of steel and back-lit for added drama.


Tradition is perfectly balanced with modernity in the Aces collection, depicting original Ace designs inspired by engravings and Florentine marbling, while the classic Cards collection features an enlarged version of vintage playing cards, originating from late 19th century Germany.
For World Travellers

Travel inspires something in all of us – adventure, freedom and possibility. View your favourite city through fresh new eyes with the Savoy Maps selection, designed to look like a photograph negative for a modern, monochromatic viewpoint.


For contemporary interiors, the New York City map is an imposing representation of Manhattan and the New York City surroundings, crafted from laser-etched steel. Or rediscover Timothy Oulton’s Classic Maps collection, with a new classically-styled stepped frame for a premium gallery-worthy finish (also available unframed).


For Your Own Cigar Lounge

As English novelist Evelyn Waugh said: “The most futile and disastrous day seems well spent when it is reviewed through the blue, fragrant smoke of a Havana cigar.” The new Cigar Lounge wall art has a very clubby feel, inspired by the original signage of an old cigar lounge in London. Painted by hand onto a salvaged elm wood door, this piece has a rugged, distressed finish and bags of vintage charm.


Or discover the Cigar framed print, showcasing six cigar images taken from the masters of Cuban cigar making.


For all the Fun of the Fair

Be transported to the showmanship of 1920s funfairs with the unique Freak Show and Piccadilly Circus signs. These nostalgic designs are painted by hand onto a reclaimed vintage door and softly lit by a border of dim white carnival bulbs.


For Coastal Tranquillity

Windsurfing is the ultimate freedom on the open ocean, reminiscent of long summers spent in St Tropez. Like a window looking out to sea, Windsails is a large black and white photographic print taken in the early 1980s off the coast of the United Kingdom, when the sport of windsurfing was at its peak.


For more vibrant ocean hues, the Sea Life collection features colour-enhanced high resolution images taken from sea life samples off the coast of the United Kingdom.

For Car Connoisseurs

Celebrate the heritage of two iconic automobiles with the Race Car black and white print collection. Race Car No1 features a 1958 Lister Jaguar prototype, similar to the car driven by pioneering American racer Briggs Cunningham, while Race Car No3 features the Jaguar XKD 1956 which raced at Le Mans in France.

For a unique collector’s piece, the framed Shadow Box collection features an exact replica of a mid-20th century steering wheel mounted on black velvet, evoking the speed and luxury of classic European sports cars.

For Glamour Seekers

Peacocks have symbolised wealth and beauty since ancient times, associated with royalty and rebirth in some countries. Their iridescent feathers were a favourite design motif during the Art Nouveau period between 1890 and 1910, and inspired many designers including William Morris. The Peacock triptych, together with the Ostrich framed print, are reminiscent of more opulent times for glamorous interiors.

Explore Timothy Oulton’s unique and extensive wall art collection and find your perfect piece.