In our continual quest for new and fascinating materials, we’re excited to introduce a brand new cutting-edge finish called Carbonstone to the 2017 Collection.

Featured on the Polar side table, Terminus coffee table and Core pendant light, this innovative finish is created from recycled quartz fragments, through a carbon-based method that reconstitutes the quartz pieces into solid crystallised stone. The technically complex process takes place underground.  Carbon is wrapped in sulphur and mixed with the reclaimed quartz pieces, then extreme temperature is applied in a volcanic-inspired reaction. The process takes around one week to complete.

Once formed, Carbonstone has a translucent, crystallised appearance, with mesmerizing visual depth. Irregular patterns often form within the stone, almost as though clouds are floating within it, with random flecks of black, brown and blue sometimes appearing. Each piece is a true one-off, with imperfections part of its character. No lacquer is added to the finish, ensuring an authentically natural look.

The use of Carbonstone was conceived in collaboration with designer Bastien Taillard, whom Tim worked closely with on the design of the Terminus coffee table and Polar side table. In a tingling collision of hot and cold, Terminus features four beams of icy Carbonstone atop an elegant brushed brass frame, while the Polar side table showcases the raw, natural Carbonstone in a distinctive hexagonal form, available in two heights which look striking when paired together.  New to the lighting range, the Core pendant in Carbonstone is small in size but big in impact, with a rounded shape inspired by the technique of turned wood.

Tim says: “Carbonstone has a unique crystal texture that really plays with the light. It can be challenging to work with, we spend a long time selecting the best pieces of stone from the initial block and the craftsmanship is very labour-intensive. As a designer, it’s interesting to use stone in a similar way to wood – it can be turned, cut and finished to achieve different effects, from raw to sanded or fully polished.”