Here at Timothy Oulton, we pride ourselves on crafting pieces of furniture you simply cannot find anywhere else – and nowhere is that more evident than with our one-of-a-kind Aviator furniture collection.


Aviator furniture to add flair to your home

If you’re looking for a truly unique item of furniture that takes your interior to stylish new heights, look no further than our signature Aviator range.

The distinctive design of all these pieces was inspired by the legendary Spitfire fighter plane, one of the greatest achievements in British engineering that was largely credited with leading the Allied forces to victory in World War II.

We came up with the idea for our Aviator collection when Tim found himself the owner of a complete wing tip from a genuine World War II fighter plane. Using this as inspiration, we developed the signature Spitfire metal finish that gives all these pieces their inimitable character, which feature interlocking multi-riveted panels of aged aluminium that beautifully echo the design of the original planes.

As befits our usual commitment to craftsmanship, the aluminium goes through a painstaking five-step process to distress the metal and create its unique finish – and for this reason, no two pieces are ever exactly the same either. For extra versatility, we’ve also made our Spitfire finish available in two different colours – a contemporary silvery aluminium and a dramatic jet black – to better suit different interior styles.

Now you’ve got the background on what inspired the range, it’s time to take a closer look at some of our favourite pieces of Aviator furniture – which all pay stylish tribute to the heroic feats and daring missions that the original Spitfire planes became so synonymous with.


Aviator Blackhawk

If you’re not quite sure where to begin, cast your eyes over our Blackhawk Collection – which features an Aviator table, desk, chest of drawers, bookcase and mirror that all make the most of our unique Spitfire finish. These pieces also take design cues from another hero of the skies, the US Army’s beloved Black Hawk helicopter, which remains in service to this day.

Each of these pieces are characterised by chunky curves inspired by the Black Hawk helicopter’s rounded lines, with the desk, side table, coffee table and chest also featuring unique drawer handles that add another creative call-back to the helicopter’s aesthetic. Urban and industrial, these pieces look great either holding their own in outstanding style or grouped together with other members of the Black Hawk family for extra visual impact.


Tomcat Chair

In addition to the Spitfire plane, our Tomcat Chair was inspired by the Grumman F-14 Tomcat aircraft – the iconic supersonic twin-engine, twin-tail fighter jet that was deployed by the US Navy for some of its most important missions in the 1970s. Imbued with a high-flying spirit of speed and exhilaration, Tomcat’s design echoes the slick lines and aerodynamic curves of the F-14’s twin cockpit seats, which sat in tandem and were kitted out with rocket-propelled ejector seats.

However, we’d imagine our version is a whole lot more comfortable, thanks to a luxuriously buttery leather seat complete with sporty striped stitching that’s available in an array of classic hues; meanwhile, its frame is wrapped in our trademark Spitfire distressed riveted aluminium, providing an eye-catching contrast with the supple leather. This double homage to aviation history effortlessly blends the vintage with the modern, whilst also capturing the fearlessness and energy of the two planes that helped craft its design – a potent combination that won Tomcat the Luxuria Award for Most Innovative Product Design in 2010.


Valkyrie Desk

Add some fighting spirit to your office with our Valkyrie Desk, which is named after the North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie – the largest and fastest ever bomber jet built by the United States, which was used for supersonic test flights in the 1960s. Whilst only one prototype of the original Valkyrie survives to this day, we thankfully have plenty more of our desk version available to go round, ready to inject some aeronautical awesomeness to your home!

Evoking a sense of speed and dynamism with its slick curved shape, Valkyrie is clad entirely in our signature Spitfire finish metal, with each aluminium panel carefully shaped and fixed together with hand-applied nails. Super cool and super practical, Valkyrie is the epitome of a true design maverick.


Cowling Mirror

If you’re not in the market for a full-on aviator chair or table, how about adding a smaller yet equally stunning aeronautically-inspired style statement to your home with our Cowling Mirror?

The bold lines of this eye-catching item are crafted from our inimitable Spitfire finish metal, adding just the right amount of retro quirk to your interior, with a curved shape that’s cleverly inspired by aircraft engines. With medium and large versions available, Cowling looks the part in bedrooms, living rooms, offices, corridors… basically, wherever you desire!


Cowling Desk

We loved the shape of our Cowling Mirror so much, we couldn’t keep it confined just to hanging on walls… so enter the Cowling Desk! This table features the same audacious aircraft engine-inspired shape as our Cowling Mirror, and is crafted from pieces of handsomely distressed Spitfire aluminium fixed into place by hand-applied nails.

With a striking curved design that wraps around you like a pilot in their cockpit, the Cowling Desk makes for an ideal den to get your head down to business. Meanwhile, its moon-shaped desktop provides ample flat space to house a laptop, desk lamp, stationery and whatever other essentials you need to ensure you hit those deadlines in style.