Take a pinch of club lounge, add in a generous sprinkle of history, and garnish with just the right amount of slouch; a Chesterfield-style sofa more than earns its place in the design hall of fame.


Finding The Right Chesterfield-Style Sofa For You

Taking its name from the fourth Earl of Chesterfield Philip Stanhope, whose graceful, low-slung 18th-century design endures to this day, a classic Chesterfield sofa continues to be the epitome of everyday refinement. So pour a drink, grab a book and settle in for an elegant evening – this buttoned-up style never felt so good.


For The Traditional At Heart: Westminster Button Sofa


The very essence of a classic Chesterfield sofa, the Westminster Button is equally at home in a rural English country home as it is in a stripped-back New York loft. But don’t be deceived; beneath Westminster’s traditional lines, you’ll find that this sofa is designed for comfort, not just style.

Handcrafted by our team of experts, we use traditional construction methods to ensure our sofa is a faithful tribute to a timeless design. Each button – around 135 per three-seater sofa – is hand-tufted. Every stud on our leather sofas is individually fastened, and fabric piping checked and double-checked to ensure both aesthetic and functional excellence. With an impressive choice of 36 distressed-finish leathers that lend a distinctly vintage air or 24 soft fabrics that come in a variety of attractive colourways, Westminster Button is available in sizes from one- to four-seater, plus both medium and large footstools that work double-duty as handsome occasional seating. If you value style ­and substance, it’s time to commit to a classic.


For The Lounge Lover (Who Likes To Keep Up Appearances): Westminster Feather Sofa

As though our timeless Westminster sofa wasn’t smart enough, we’ve decided to give this close cousin a very modern upgrade, taking a stone-cold classic design to contemporary levels of comfort.

The hidden element behind this next-level statement piece? Plump feather cushions that cradle and support, envelop and rebound, and cosset and uplift, leaving you to lounge in the lap of luxury to your heart’s content. As with the original Westminster, the Westminster Feather is available in a kaleidoscope of finishes to suit every home, decorative quirk and taste. Choose durable leather in a rainbow of hues, or reimagine the Westminster as a fabric Chesterfield sofa, giving a distinctly modern twist to this ageless piece of furniture. Whichever you go for, this hand-finished, feather-filled sofa will have you and your guests perched on cloud nine.


For The Bon Vivant: Serpentine Sofa

A statement sofa with an avant-garde edge, Serpentine’s positively sinuous shape make it an attention-grabbing centrepiece that sits just on the right side of outright flamboyance.

This classic three-seater Chesterfield couch is hand-tufted, and finished either with classic wheeled feet, or, if you opt for Siren velvet upholstery, with matching velvet-wrapped feet. Speaking of which, although curvaceous Serpentine is available in a range of classic leathers and eye-catching fabrics, we love her best as a velvet Chesterfield sofa. Choose from a curated range of jewel-toned velvets; this is a lavishly soft and unabashedly luxurious pairing. Feminine, inviting and attention grabbing in all the right ways, let Serpentine’s alluring curves bring their distinctive richness to your living space.


For The Urbane Urbanite: Tufted Tribeca Sofa

A distinctly modern Chesterfield sofa, Tribeca’s metropolitan good looks and stacked size offer an unconventional alternative to this classic sofa shape. Modish and masculine, Tribeca is the perfect complement to a minimalist interior.

Choose from compact one- to lavish four-seater sizes to fit your space – the high arms, low-slung seat and extra-plush cushions invite an evening of lounging with friends. With extensive tufting across Tribeca’s surface, you’ll be left in no doubt as to its Chesterfield provenance, while its selection of decadent fabric and hide finishes (we love the high-shine Old Saddle Black Leather) show off its positively muscular proportions to their best advantage.