Following the success of the first standalone Timothy Oulton store in the US, which opened in June of this year in Dallas, the Amsterdam gallery is the first of its kind in Europe, confirming the brand’s reputation as a truly global brand.

Situated in the southern part of Amsterdam opposite the famous Vondelpark, the Timothy Oulton collections are housed in the beautiful Schinkelkerk with its historical, architectural style. Constructed in 1890 and used as a church from 1898 until 1975, the historical building is a perfect venue for a brand known for its rich heritage and links to the past.

In addition to Timothy Oulton’s various furniture collections, the gallery is also home to a flower shop with a difference. Flowers are sold from a 1976 Mini Cooper with a Union Jack roof. There is also a quaint London Café area, a bookshop, and a vintage clothing store selling items fit for a British gentleman as well as vintage pieces and authentic military jackets. These additional touches uphold the brand’s strong British heritage and its unwavering commitment to producing authentic, daring and totally unique pieces of furniture.

Timothy Oulton says of the expansion into Amsterdam; “Amsterdam is a great city – very imaginative, and full of that magic cocktail of old and new – something which we try to bring to life in our collections too. With such a strong culture of great design over the centuries, it’s such a pleasure to be opening here. Amsterdam has always dared to try something new, and that daring energy is something we can really identify with.