If you love a great night in, you’re in good company… so do we! Here at Timothy Oulton, we’re all about helping you create the best possible backdrop for entertaining at home – and of course, that includes finding the perfect modern dining table for your space.


Modern dining tables for every kind of host

Whether it’s a slap-up dinner party spectacular, lively drinks night, more laissez-faire gathering for friends or even an everyday family dinner, we’ve got the perfect dining room table to effortlessly complement your style of entertaining. Here are a few of our favourite options to help you become the host with the most.


For casual and hearty gatherings: Causeway Dining Table

If stiff white tablecloths and fine china crockery aren’t your style, don’t worry – they aren’t Causeway’s either! This rustic dining table is ideal for relaxed get-togethers, where informality is king and anything goes. Handcrafted from century-old reclaimed English timber, Causeway has a traditional brickwork-patterned table-top and gorgeously weathered patina that lend it armfuls of old-school charm.

Not entirely sure how many guests are showing up to your shindig? Causeway’s got that taken care of too, with an extendable section that takes it up to a ten-seater with minimum effort involved. Hefty, hearty and wholesome, this is the ultimate centrepiece for laidback gatherings and generous feeds – we’re talking Sunday roasts piled high with all the trimmings, summer barbecue spreads that last long into the twilight hours and grazing boards spilling over with tasty treats galore. Cheers to that!


For show-stopping celebrations: Hestia Dining Table

If you’re the kind of host that likes to pull out all the stops for entertaining, Hestia is the dining table for you. Fittingly named after the Greek goddess of the hearth, Hestia delivers drama and decadence in spades, thanks to a luxurious polished marble table-top with inlaid brass veining.

This marble dining table looks especially fabulous in interiors that aren’t afraid to embrace their inner extrovert. Think large-and-in-charge crystal chandeliers, velvet dining chairs in rich jewel tones, extravagant centrepieces of luscious red roses and the world’s finest champagne on tap. More is more after all, darlings.


For spontaneous get-togethers: Axel MK3 Round Dining Table

Sometimes the best nights are the ones you didn’t have planned – which is exactly why you need a dining table that can transform from everyday to awesome at the drop of a hat. This is exactly the type of occasion where round dining tables really come into their own; they’re cosy enough not to feel empty with just a few people, but somehow don’t feel cramped even after you’ve squeezed in that last extra guest, and they make sharing both food and conversation easier, creating a casual communal experience that ensures no one gets left out.

Needless to say, we reckon the round version of our Axel MK3 is just the table for the job. This handcrafted dining table is made from reclaimed wood taken from the hulls, decking and beams of decommissioned Chinese junks – all of which boast their own unique patterns of colours and textures, resulting in a piece that exudes personality. It’s the kind of solid, easy-going centrepiece where quick nibbles turn into a lingering laughter-filled lunch, or one last drink becomes an epic all-nighter. Bottoms up!


For chic soirées: Junction Dining Table

For an elegant dining table that looks like it’s strutted straight out the pages of Vogue, look no further than Junction. This classical beauty is crafted from smooth uninterrupted planes of the finest luminous white marble, making for a crisp clean look that never goes out of fashion.

Eternally chic and always photogenic, marble is currently experiencing something of a design renaissance thanks to social media – meaning Junction is a picture-perfect choice for sophisticated yet stylish settings. It’s also available in three different sizes, meaning you can get in on the action regardless of the dimensions of your space. Add small pots of succulents, hand-calligraphed place cards, rose-gold accents and an abundance of craft cocktails, and just watch those likes roll in.


For full-on feasts: Georgian Architectural Dining Table

Forget fiddly finger food and trays of canapés; if you believe the best kind of parties involve a bountiful spread that would put Jamie Oliver to shame, our Georgian Architectural is the dining table for you. This generously-sized wooden table is handcrafted from reclaimed timber sourced from disused buildings in the UK, some of which is over 100 years old, giving it a warm and weathered look that welcomes all comers to eat, drink and be merry.

This reclaimed wood table is available in two sizes, each boasting honest, chunky proportions that really anchor your space. As such, it’s the ideal centrepiece for epic feasts of food, glorious food – whether that means individually-served starters, mains and desserts that would give Masterchef finalists a run for their money, or lavish family-style banquets where sharing is caring… even if that does mean the occasional fight over who gets the last roast potato. Now, who fancies seconds?