Nothing says casual and hearty like a chunky wooden dining table, laden with plates of tasty, simple fare for everyone to dig into. New for this year, we’ve launched our first extending dining table – the Causeway. Because when it comes to gathering friends and family, everyone is welcome.

Designed for a relaxing environment, the Causeway is handcrafted from Genuine English Reclaimed Timber, up to a century old. Blocks of wood are paved in a distinctive brickwork pattern along the tabletop, with a slightly uneven surface for a natural, rustic feel.

The clever extension mechanism is effortless, needing only one person to simply pull one of the ends in order to separate the two top halves and raise the inner panel, which clicks into place seamlessly. Causeway is available in two lengths: 220-270cms, seating 6-10 people, and 280-340cms, seating 8-12 people. You no longer have to worry about squishing everyone together or leaving people off your dinner party guest list – it really is hassle-free.

Rife with character, Timothy Oulton’s Genuine English Reclaimed Timber is salvaged from disused buildings in the UK including former barns and distilleries. Once the timber reaches the Timothy Oulton workshop it is sorted, graded and de-nailed by hand. The timber often shows signs of weathering, having developed its own patina over the years. Each piece is unique, and each tells a different story of its provenance.

Timothy Oulton believes the art of hosting starts with a captivating interior, and the Causeway extending dining table offers the perfect platform to share easy, laid-back meals with friends and family – in fact, the more the merrier.

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