In a clever collaboration, the University of Oxford has teamed up with leading lifestyle and furniture company Timothy Oulton. From this partnership stems an exclusive collection of furniture both inspired by Oxford and bearing its mark, combined with Timothy Oulton’s quality and handcrafted designs.

First launched at ‘Maison & Objet Paris’ in 2011, this select range can now be found in our stores in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. The collection, currently sold in over 17 countries, will be opening in other Timothy Oulton galleries over the summer.

The oldest University in the English-speaking world, Oxford can lay claim to nine centuries of academic excellence, heritage and tradition. Proud of its past and respectful of its many traditions and unique way of life and teaching, Oxford also has its eye set firmly on the future.

As a perfect complement, Timothy Oulton distinguishes itself with its reinvention of the classic and traditional. Beautiful heritage design needs to be interpreted anew for a modern lifestyle. This has always been Tim’s philosophy.

Together, Oxford and Timothy Oulton are not so different.  Both driven by the pursuit of excellence, and their collaboration has produced a world-class collection combining the University’s traditions and heritage with Timothy Oulton’s talent for design, its quality of manufacture and attention to detail. Drawing inspiration from Oxford’s nine centuries of tradition, the collection exhibits top quality materials and a sense of authentic heritage. From the University crest, to the boating and sporting stripes, this unique collection features fine finishes thanks to the use of quality leather, luxurious velvets and linens and exuberant colors. Some are more studiously traditional, others as whimsical, colourful and exuberant as a student revue, but every piece bears the hallmark daring and authenticity of the Timothy Oulton brand.

Timothy Oulton has always placed a premium on the use of time-honoured craftsmanship techniques, which lend authenticity and uniqueness to all of our products. Applying a similar approach, the Oxford by Timothy Oulton Collection boasts smart reinterpretations of the preppy and sporting lifestyle. Consistent with our signature vintage aesthetic, each piece embodies an element of the University’s life and heritage. The shared British character and innovation of both parties makes this association a fruitful one.

The collection features the Senior Common room sofa in a choice of fine leather finishes (Scholar gold, Red or Oxford blue) as well as traditional trunks made with a committment to both craftsmanship and durability.

Timothy Oulton says of this new partnership; “I am very excited to collaborate with the University of Oxford. It has such a rich heritage, which is at the same time thoroughly British but also truly international and the youthful and the aspirational energy that the name Oxford evokes acts as a great inspiration for the furniture collection we have developed.”