We love a good dinner party at Timothy Oulton; there is no better way to bring friends and family together than sharing a delicious meal at the table. Every great dinner party starts with a beautiful dining table, and considering the table is what often determines the decor of the entire room, selecting the right one can be a rather daunting task. Whether you are thinking of going for a rustic, farmhouse wooden dining table or a sleek and polished marble top, here’s a handy guide to selecting the right table for you.


In good shape: choosing the perfect dining room table for you

Regardless of whether you have a dedicated dining room, open-plan living-dining area or an in-kitchen dining space, the size of the room will naturally be the most important factor when shopping for a dining table. However, you’d be wise to think about how you like to entertain, as it’ll help inform which table shape to go for.

An elegant dining table in a classic rectangular shape comes up top, and for good reason: not only can a long table seat a crowd comfortably and allow guests to pass dishes to one another with ease, it’s also aesthetically pleasing to the eye as it echoes the shape of what is usually a similarly rectangular dining space. Prefer to make more of a statement? A round table will mean every guest can see and hear one another, and shared dishes are easy to reach, especially if you add a lazy Susan. Regardless of your preferred shape, for a contemporary take on your mealtimes, a handcrafted dining table is a great piece of statement furniture that is certain to quickly become the focal point of your socialising.

If this still feels like a lot to take in, how about picking one of our favourites? Here are five dining tables that’ll play an indispensable supporting role to every host with the most.


Keep Your Cool: Iceberg Dining Table

This sleek glass dining table pays homage to the majestic icebergs of the Arctic and Antarctic, and the polar explorers who braved them. The Iceberg dining table’s three thick glass beams embody the raw, understated beauty of glaciers, and seemingly float atop the contrasting black steel frame. This glass-top table will work well with most interiors and has the added bonus of being reflective by nature, meaning it will be a great choice for spaces that might need to look lighter and brighter.


High Contrast: Junction Dining Table

Trends come and go but marble will never go out of style; after all, the Ancient Greeks made it a design staple thousands of years ago and it’s still very much en vogue. Marble is an easy way to add sense of luxury to your dining room, and the Junction dining table will do exactly that. What’s more, the juxtaposition of clean, polished stone and weathered oak legs keeps the whole look grounded and contemporary – a timeless classic in the making.


Silver Screen Icon: Rex Dining Table

Inspired by 1920s Hollywood, the scene-stealing Rex dining table is unabashedly all glitz and glamour, and would look right at home in Jay Gatsby’s mansion. This show-stopping designer table is a paean to the age of opulence and optimism: light emanates from the centre of the table and dances among the handcrafted premium-cut crystals methodically arranged around the pedestal and the table top. Paired with delectable morsels, flowing wine and lively conversation, this statement piece will transport you and your friends to the heady times of cafe society.


Classical Studies: Hestia Dining Table

The Hestia dining table is the perfect stage for theatrical high junks at the dinner table. Dial up the drama with the striking black marble top inlaid with brass veining, like a mesmerising piece of abstract art.  Hestia takes its mythological name from the Greek goddess of the hearth. While the hearth was once the centre of family life, where our ancient ancestors would gather round the fire to eat and tell stories. A limited edition of 50 pieces, Hestia is the perfect piece for entertaining in style.


Hearth And Home: Causeway Dining Table

The dining table is the heart of the family home, and our Causeway dining table is the ideal choice for those with plenty of hungry mouths – of every age – to feed. Crafted from genuine English reclaimed timber, some of which dates back over 100 years, Causeway is more than tough enough to withstand the rigours of daily family life. And when it comes to laying on a warm welcome, extending your hospitality is as easy as extending your table, as Causeway effortlessly accommodates up to 10 people in comfort.