So here at Timothy Oulton, we build furniture and interiors, and we’re pretty passionate about it. But Tim’s vision extends further than furniture, it’s about creating inspiring spaces. Spaces that make your life better, spaces you can relax with friends and family in, spaces that re-energise you for life.

In the quest for innovation, and wanting to connect with and nurture emerging talent in design, Timothy Oulton approached the Hong Kong Design Institute with an exciting project. In collaboration, we launched the ‘Modular’ competition; to design a modular home that can be transported anywhere, a home that adapts and responds to the needs of the 21st century.

Around 20 second-year architecture students were invited to participate in the two month project, to compete for the grand prize; the winning design would be constructed by Timothy Oulton’s master craftsmen and shipped to Hong Kong, to be showcased at the Hong Kong Design Institute’s end of year exhibition.

Before they began work, the students were invited to meet Tim and the Design team at Timothy Oulton’s furniture showrooms; the creative hub where ideas are conceived and then brought to life. For many of the students, it was the first time they had set foot in an actual design studio and experienced the ‘real world’ of design.

After a staggeringly fast four weeks, the students’ designs were ready. The winning concept was the Multi-Variate House, by Sharon Tsoi Yuk Ying and Horace Yeung Chi Ho. Initially inspired by modular furniture, the designers explored a modular unit at furniture scale that could be scaled up to the size of a building.

Sharon and Horace’s design was constructed by the Timothy Oulton team and shipped to Hong Kong where it took centre stage at the Hong Kong Design Institute’s end of year exhibition this summer. To showcase the design’s future potential as a home, a few pieces from the Timothy Oulton collection furnished the interior including Sophie and Geode pendants and the Mad Professor chair. The next step is to expand the design further, transforming a simple dwelling into an inspiring and inviting place to call home.