They say that good taste never goes out of style – and Timothy Oulton’s one-of-a-kind designer furniture combines masterful craftsmanship with exceptional design, bringing you quality pieces that will not only last forever but also boast a unique beauty that cares little for the whims of fashion.


Introducing eight of our favourite designer furniture pieces

Whether you’re looking for a new sofa, armchair or dining table, there will be something special in our collection to suit your style – and we ensure that everything we make is built to last a lifetime, and indeed, even be passed down as a treasured heirloom for the next generation. Be it wood furniture, leather, metal, glass or even acrylic, these are eight of our most-loved pieces that will be cherished forever.


Timeless Classic: Westminster Button Sofa

For a traditional look that never goes out of style, a chesterfield is hard to beat – and our Westminster Button Sofa is a modern take on this classic piece. The chesterfield, upholstered in leather with distinctive recessed button details, is said to have been first made for the 4th Earl of Chesterfield in the 18th century. Paying tribute to these distinguished origins, our three-seater Westminster Button Sofa is completely handcrafted by Timothy Oulton’s skilled craftspeople, including over a hundred hand-tufted buttons (there are around 135 in the three-seater version).

Unlike the chesterfields of uptight gentlemen’s clubs of yesteryear, Westminster Button has a contemporary, lived-in look thanks to its use of distressed leather and stud detailing, with sleek refined proportions tailormade for modern living.


Lounging in Style: Nirvana Medium Sectional Sofa

When looking for fabulously functional designer furniture that lasts the distance, modular pieces like the Nirvana Medium Sectional Sofa are always a winner. You can put together sections as you please, meaning this sofa can be made suitable for rooms of any shape. Each plush section is filled with foam and fibre layers, and supported by springs, making it perfect for lounging, reclining, sitting… in fact, any position you choose!

Nirvana’s generous proportions and low back keep it looking relaxed yet sleek, giving you a sophisticated warehouse-chic look that never goes out of style. Upholstery comes in a range of leather, linen and velvet options, with leather featuring raw open seams that give the piece an extra edge.


Inspired by History: Aviator Tomcat Chair

A statement piece injects instant style to a room. The Aviator Tomcat Chair, which won a Luxuria Award for Most Innovative Product Design, is inspired by the twin-cockpit seats of the F-14 Tomcat, an iconic aircraft used by the U.S. Navy in the 1970s, as well as the Supermarine Spitfire, used by the British in World War II. This idiosyncratic armchair is full of vintage details and military references to achieve a cool Bauhaus-meets-industrial look.

Aviator Tomcat’s leather seat features retro elements like striped stitching, whilst there is an array of finishes to choose from, with different tones and levels of distressing to create a perfectly customised result. Its riveted aluminium wrap also goes through a five-stage process to give it its uniquely finish, ensuring that no two chairs are the same.


Craftsmanship Never Goes Out of Style: Mars MK3

Meticulously hand-constructed, the Mars MK3 armchair is as much about traditional craftsmanship as it is about cutting-edge design. Its alluring Art Deco curves are hugged by gleaming polished metal, creating a bold contrast between vintage sensibilities and a hyper-modern aesthetic.

Mars has gone through many iterations over the years, winning the title of Most Innovative Product at the 2010 Luxuria Awards. Whilst the juxtaposition of hand-moulded metal and a leather seat had been part of its design since the beginning, MK3 adds hand-applied screws for further visual interest and extends the leather to the arms for a warmer touch against the skin.


Hollywood Glamour: Rex Dining Table

Like a chandelier rising from the floor, the Rex Dining Table is an exquisite piece centred around drama and the phenomenal use of light. Inspired by the glamour of 1920s Hollywood, particularly the first-ever Oscars ceremony, this round dining table features 400 prismatic diamond-like baguettes of K9 crystal.

The table is lit from within, showcasing the crystals’ incredible light dispersion qualities. One of the most complex pieces we’ve ever created, Rex is a true showstopper that will bring an A-list elegance to every meal.


Effortlessly Cool: Iceberg Dining Table

For many homes, a large dining table for family and friends to gather around is essential, but often only wood options are available. Wood isn’t the only material to consider, however; beams of glass set atop a minimalist steel frame can be just as practical, not to mention much more striking.

Our Iceberg Dining Table features three thick planks of glass, which are beautifully smooth on one side and beguilingly rippled on the other. These translucent beams evoke the ethereal yet robust quality of ice, adding a guaranteed element of cool to any dining room.


Retro Ingenuity: Inception Coffee Table

When the antique bulbs are turned on inside our ingenious Inception Coffee Table, they reflect against its glass top to create innumerable, endless beams of light that seem to bounce mesmerisingly around in its brass pedestal base.

Inspired by the infinity mirrors of the 1970s, this eye-catching piece almost looks like a designer time machine, ready to transform guests to a different dimension. Nevertheless, once its lights are turned off, an equally elegant sleek glass-topped coffee table remains, ideal for everyday living.


Nature’s Bounty: Spur Side Table

When you think of reclaimed wood furniture, driftwood set in acrylic may not be what immediately comes to mind. It’s this element of surprise that makes the Spur Side Table a true aesthetic delight.

Collected by hand from beaches all around the world, driftwood branches are cut and suspended in liquid acrylic, stunningly showcasing its unique cross sections, textures and hues. Bringing the spirit of nature to your home, this supremely tactile table is a masterpiece of contemporary design.