Already broken your New Year’s resolutions? Never mind, how about making some fun ones instead – like making your home even more authentic and beautiful than it was last year. You can’t control everything life throws at you this decade, but you can create a home that makes you smile every day. So whether you want a chill-out pad to zen out in, or somewhere to thrill and inspire you, it’s time for a fresh start – or at least a few tweaks in the right places.

Design Resolution 1: TAKE MORE RISKS

Maybe you’re a bit of a risk taker in life, but is this reflected in your interior? Be bold with your furniture, be courageous and confident in your colour choices. Trust your instincts, if you only buy things that you love then you’ll always find a place for them. One of our founder Tim Oulton’s favourite designs is the Mars Chair MK3, it’s not for the faint-hearted but it’s packed with personality and the hand-finished leather seat makes it timeless.


Design Resolution 2: SLOW DOWN

Time is our most precious commodity, so create an area of your home where you can slow down and completely relax. Our Noble Souls linen sofas were created precisely with that in mind, they’re filled with the purest goose down feathers so you get an immediate release of tension as you sit down – it’s almost as if you’re floating on air. Or for a more structured slouch try the Shabby sectional, it’s ridiculously comfortable and effortlessly cool.



By using your travels to inspire your choices, your home will become a launch pad for adventure. Tap into the romance of long luxurious sea voyages with our Stonyhurst collection, inspired by vintage travel trunks, or adorn your walls with a framed Map of your favourite city. How about getting inspired by our Apollo space lounge which we recently showcased at the Architectural Digest Design Show in Mumbai – it’s modelled on NASA’s Apollo 11 space capsule and comes with a luxurious tufted leather interior and paisley silk canopy.



It’s probably the room you spend the most time in, so it’s worth getting every detail right. Lighting has a transformative effect on a space, so by adding a statement lamp like the Zig Zag floor lamp or glamorous lighted mirror like the Inception infinity mirror you can bring in the drama and create a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. 


January is the perfect month to edit your home, purge those items you no longer love and make room for those that you do. Happy New Year and happy new home!