A living room just doesn’t feel complete unless it has an armchair in it. Whether it’s the place where you sip a contemplative cup of coffee, spend a laidback morning completing the Sunday crossword or go to escape into the pages of a great book, it’s frequently the seat of choice to enjoy a moment or two of precious “me time”.

Finding your perfect leather armchair

Nothing quite beats the luxurious comfort of a leather armchair – but that doesn’t mean they can’t impress in the style stakes either. Here are six of our favourite pieces from our leather armchair collection, which deliver both style and substance in spades.


On Your Marks: Rally Chair

Feel the need for speed? Our Rally Chair was inspired by 50s-style rally car bucket seats, but we’ve turbo-charged it into the 21st century with light fibreglass construction, snazzy hand-woven leather detailing and a polished dark bronze base.

Rally’s bold design sees us strip back a typical armchair’s architecture to its most slick and streamlined form – ideal for maximising on that all-important G-force! Sitting low to the ground for a more informal vibe, it features two sumptuous cushions as its seat and back, creating a feather-soft landing for tired legs to sink into at the end of a long day. Meanwhile, graphic textural contrasts in its rich leather upholstery add a touch of extra flair, making this a simple but stylish choice for any home.


The Comfort Zone: Lazy Chair

Our Lazy Chair is the perfect vessel in which to master the fine art of doing absolutely nothing – this cosy leather armchair was created for pure relaxation purposes. We’ve taken traditional elements of an English Chesterfield but given things a more relaxed vibe, thanks to some super-sized proportions and a casual weathered oak wood frame.

Featuring a classic pin-tucked seat cushion, elegant roll arms, a generously deep seat and beautifully supple leather, this is exactly the kind of armchair you’ll find yourself nodding off to sleep in far too easily – but all whilst still looking terribly elegant too, of course.


Horsing Around: Saddle Armchair

Inspired by the heritage of equestrian sports, the Saddle Armchair is one of our most unique creations. This quirky brown leather armchair features real stirrups on each of its sides, with the option of also adding distinctive cowhide accents on its front and back to give it even more modern-day cowboy character.

Meanwhile, its dynamic shape has been deliberately designed to evoke the spirit of adventure, speed and refinement associated with timeless equestrian pursuits like polo, racing and hunting. If you want to capture the sense of freedom and power that comes with saddling up for a ride but all from the comfort of your own home, this is the luxurious armchair equivalent of a trusty steed.


Zero Fatal Flaws: Achilles Chair

Whilst the mythical Greek hero that gave this item its name was marred by a somewhat suspect ankle, we guarantee you’ll find no such faults in our Achilles Chair. This finely-honed creation is a reworking of the archetypal leather wingback chair, where we’ve contrasted those trademark tactile curves with a more contemporary style of pared-back grace.

We’ve deliberately echoed Achilles’ distinctive rounded back in the chair’s sabre legs and gently sloping arms, which extend uninterrupted right down to the tip of each leg. We’ve also played mix and match with its textures too, juxtaposing the rustic simplicity of its weathered oak frame with divinely soft, hand-finished leather upholstery. Strong, supple and impeccably chiselled, Achilles is destined to become your very own armchair hero.


Rest & Relaxation: Cabana Chair

Come meet me in my cabana… my Cabana Chair, that is. Inspired by laidback outdoor living, this easy-going piece celebrates everything there is to love about lounging, with generous proportions designed to take you straight to your happy place.

Cabana is a chilled-out mix of casual and sophisticated, with a deep low seat ideal for slouching in, a simple weathered oak frame, and a range of buttery soft hand-distressed leather finishes that deliver the utmost in durability, comfort and style. For all those reasons, we reckon it’s best enjoyed in the company of a good book, a good drink… or a combination of all of the above!


Get Into Top Gear: Mars MK5 Chair

The latest evolution of our iconic Mars chair, the MK5 was inspired by the va-va-voom of 1960s and 70s automobiles, with eye-catchingly unusual slatted brushed steel arms that are deliberately reminiscent of car grills from the period. A deep seat, raked back and wonderfully soft, thickly-ribbed leather upholstery offer further nods to the design of these classic muscle cars – evoking the devil-may-care cool of racing legends like James Hunt and Steve McQueen.

MK5 is constructed just as meticulously as any racing car too; its arms are carefully laser-cut to shape before being exactingly curved with the help of a bending machine, whilst each metal component is welded together and polished for around three hours to achieve its gorgeous high shine. We’ve not stinted on the comfort factor either, with perfectly padded arms and plump cushioning crafted from rich, hand-finished aniline leather. An impeccable mix of retro masculinity and urban modernity, MK5 is the ideal armchair for cruising into a long, languid evening or weekend.