A living room is the beating heart of a home. Whether it’s being used as a formal area for welcoming and entertaining guests, a practical space for the general minutiae of everyday life or a chill-out zone for the whole family to relax in – and all while looking great too – this is a place where multi-tasking is a must. From the perfect modern armchair to versatile storage options that effortlessly balance style and substance, here are six of our favourite Timothy Oulton furniture collections that might just inspire a whole new look for your living room.


Architectural Zen: Zazenne

Inspired by the clean lines of Japanese architecture, our Zazenne collection proves that when done right, simple can most certainly equal stunning. This eye-catchingly sculptural range is finished in immaculate shiny steel, delivering a sleek sophisticated look that stand outs in modern interiors.

Meticulously hand-crafted and assembled with the utmost precision, each item takes hours of labour to complete – resulting in rows of perfectly straight geometric lines rendered in flawless formed metal. The Zazenne coffee table makes for a show-stopping but streamlined centrepiece in a contemporary living space; try contrasting it against darker coloured walls and soft furnishings for an especially striking look. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for extra storage options, the collection’s sideboard, side table and media unit will all add flair to spare.


Majestic Modern Chandeliers: Rod

What’s the use of having a fabulous living room if you can’t use it after the sun’s gone down? Ensure you light the way in style with Rod, our collection of modern chandeliers and lamps that beautifully reinterprets 1940s-style Venetian Murano glass and brass library lights. Another dash of inspiration was provided by the curving colonnades of Stowe School, a detail remembered by Tim himself from a trip there during his schooldays.

Pairing dazzlingly opulent glass with natural raw iron proved to be a match made in design heaven, resulting in pieces that feel both traditional yet current. With a variety of lighting options available – including a range of sizes of pendant light, table and floor lamp, plus sconces, mirrors and even an illuminated coffee table, side table or console – there’s bound to be a Rod style to suit your living space.


Flying High: Aviator Blackhawk

If you’re looking for furniture with personality, you can’t go wrong with Aviator Blackhawk – one of Timothy Oulton’s most distinctive collections, ingeniously inspired by two different types of military aircraft. Each piece’s multi-riveted construction of interlocking aluminium panels has been carefully crafted to evoke the look of World War II’s legendary Spitfire jet fighters, undergoing a five-stage process to create the impression of worn distressed metal, whilst curved edges and unique drawer handles also echo the rounded lines of the famous Black Hawk helicopter.

These items suit rooms that nod towards a more vintage aesthetic, with Blackhawk’s signature distressed metal (available in either Spitfire or Spitfire black finishes) looking especially attractive paired with warm woods or worn leathers – like our similarly Spitfire-inspired Aviator Tomcat modern chair. Larger pieces like the Aviator Blackhawk coffee table or media unit make an immediate bold statement in your living space, whilst items like the chest, side tables, bookcase or even mirror can add nifty design accents where needed – and are compact and versatile enough to work in a variety of settings and layouts.


Cosmopolitan Cool Dining: Iceberg

With many living rooms now multi-tasking as dining areas, you might find yourself in need of a stand-out dining table to break up the space – in which case, may we present you with the Iceberg? This modern table pays spectacular homage to the elemental power of ice with a sleek glass table-top that looks uncannily like a sheet of frozen water, floating atop a stark black steel frame.

Each of the table-top’s glass planks can be lifted and turned over for a subtly different effect, with an unusual rippled texture on one side or a smooth glacial finish on the other. With its ultra-metropolitan sense of minimalism, the Iceberg makes for a deceptively simple anchor amidst interiors loaded with patterns and colours, or as a coolly chic compliment to rooms where clean lines are king – and it’s also available as a coffee table or more slimline console, depending on the requirements of your space.


Urban Edge: Vestige Industrial

For a fresh take on traditional timber, our Vestige Industrial collection juxtaposes warm wood tones against raw metal accents, with suitably striking results. Each piece features century-old offcuts of genuine English reclaimed timber (all salvaged from disused buildings in the UK), which have been de-nailed by hand, laid in graphical geometric patterns and contrasted with industrial-style iron frames, creating an instant update on classic wood furniture.

It’s the individual imperfections in the wood that give the collection its unique character – a living testament to the timber’s provenance and heritage, imbuing contemporary interiors with a rustic ruggedness. Available as a coffee table, dining table, side table, console, bookcase or mirror, its neutral palette works well with pared-back decor, whilst also looking equally incredible played against different textures, like sparkling glass, plush velvet or comfy leather, for an edgier urban aesthetic.


Modern Sofa Simplicity: Skye

A comfortable sofa is a must for any living space – and we believe we’ve created one of the best in Skye. This thoroughly modern sofa boasts clean lines and laidback sophistication in spades, featuring sumptuously soft, feather-wrapped seat cushions, a firm inner core for support, and airy back cushions that practically invite you to sink right in.

The very antithesis to stiff stuffy seats, Skye exudes a casual kind of sophistication – generously proportioned without being overpowering, with every detail carefully considered to deliver the maximum in relaxation. Available in dozens of different shades and finishes, with a sectional configuration that allows you to build it to the size your space requires, Skye ticks all our sofa boxes in style.